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Yoga Therapy for Programmers is a combination of Yoga and Physical Therapy . The idea of this course is to help people ( especialy those who are working all day in a seating position, programmers, office workers) to adjust the posture and develop mobility . After every class you will feel peace and calm inside, warm energy flow, flexible mind and body, you will be ready to continue your work with high productivity . After each class, you’ll feel peace, calm inside and warm energy flows . Increase focus and concentration and increase focus and concentrate . The energy level and productivity of the programmers will be high at the end of the course .

What you’ll find out in Yoga Treatment for Programmers

  1. Finest workouts for proper posture
  2. Reduce the discomfort and tightness after working day
  3. Relax your mind and body, release negative ideas as well as emotions
  4. Obtain quick recuperation and also increase positive vibes
  5. Boost the power degree as well as productivity
  6. Make your body versatile as well as establish flexibility
  7. Decrease stress and anxiety as well as stress and anxiety
  8. Rise focus and also focus


This program is a combination of Yoga exercise and Physical treatment. The suggestion of this course is to aid individuals (especialy those that are working throughout the day in a seating placement, developers, white-collar worker) to adjust the pose as well as create flexibility, decrease the discomfort after \ throughout working day, to unwind the mind as well as emotions. After every course you will feel peace as well as tranquil within, cozy power flow, versatile mind and body, you will certainly be ready to proceed your collaborate with high performance. The classes of this course will certainly become your morning and night routines.

This is complete week program and it will assist you to learn main exercises for preserving good health. There are 6 therapeutic courses and 1 class for deep relaxation (yoga exercise Nidra).

Who this course is for:

  • For those who are sitting all day at work (Programmers, office workers)
  • Beginners who want to start yogic journey
  • Sport lovers to get recovery and mobility
  • And of course For every human being becouse the course is very simple and therapeutic
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