Windows Command Line (CMD) – Course for Command Prompt 2021 Free Download

Hi there! This would be the Windows Command Line CMD for Dummies Course. It is a collection of notes I have created while studying IT and preparing for my Cisco certifications. I have been teaching Cisco courses since 2012 and would like to teach you what I have learned from my teachers in a short period of time. My goal with this course is to make you an expert in using the Windows Command Line in a short period of time! The course covers the most essential information in a language that will be easy to understand no matter your level of knowledge or expertise. At the end of the course, you will know how to create your own basic scripts with CMD and Automator Automator

What you’ll learn in Windows Command Line (CMD) – Course for Command Prompt 2021

  1. Command Line for Windows
  2. There’s no need to go looking for commands or memorize them because this course includes everything you’ll need.
  3. Beginner and intermediate CMD students alike will benefit from this course.
  4. Step by step, learn everything there is to know about the Windows command line (CMD).
  5. Windows Command Line (CMD) Commands are a great way to innovate and automate tasks.
  6. How to use the Windows Command Line to create, rename, move, and delete files and folders.
  7. Windows Command Line is used to shut down, restart, and log off your computer.
  8. CMD (Command Prompt for Windows) is a Windows command prompt.


  • The Windows Operating System is installed on a computer.
  • A Strong Desire to Discover


Good morning, students!
Do you ever wonder how Computer Geeks keep working on the Command Prompt’s black and white screen (CMD) for hours on end?
If you’re reading this, it’s because you want to learn how to complete tasks quickly using only the keyboard and the Windows Command Line (CMD). I understand that we live in a world where we click, drag, drop, double-click, select, and move the mouse pointer around the screen, but there’s another world of Command Line Interface (CLI) that’s very different from Graphical User Interface.

This course is designed for beginners who want to learn how to use the Windows Command Prompt, and I guarantee that after completing it, you will understand all of the basic concepts of CMD and will be able to learn CMD (Command Line Interface) Tips and Tricks.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn the power of CMD
  • Computer Geeks who want to unfold one more layer of there Operating System
  • for those who want to learn CMD Prompt, DOS, Command Line
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