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Vue is an insanely popular JavaScript framework which makes working with the front-end so much easier. Allowing you to create custom reusable components that interact with one another seamlessly.
Vue has a lot of great concepts that it brings to the table along with a pleasant API that feels natural to use. In this course, we’re going to take you from the very basics of setting up a simple application with Vue all the way up to creating a full blown SPA using Vue Router and Vuex for state management. We’ll also cover how you can easily build your own custom component library using nothing but JavaScript objects and JSON files.

What you’ll learn in Vue – The Complete Guide (w/ Router, Vuex, Composition API)

  • Simple to enterprise-level applications may be built with Vue.js.
  • Understand Vue.js’s theory and how to apply it to real-world projects
  • In both multi- and single-page applications, Vue.js may be used (MPAs and SPAs)
  • Composition API is a fresh new feature in the current version of Vue (Vue 3).


Some knowledge of JavaScript is required.
Knowledge of ES6 is a plus, but it is not a requirement.
Throughout the course, it is expected that you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS.


In the realm of JavaScript frameworks, VueJS is the shooting star. It is just fantastic!
This best-selling course covers Vue.js 3 from the ground up. But this course isn’t just about the fundamentals – it also covers advanced ideas like the Composition API introduced with Vue 3.
In the web, frontend frameworks like Vue JS are highly popular because they provide the responsive, excellent user experience we’re accustomed to from mobile apps. Jobs requiring frontend framework abilities like VueJS are among the highest-paying in the business, and it’s no surprise!
VueJS combines the best of Angular 2+ with ReactJS, making developing everything from simple widgets to large corporate apps a snap and a lot of fun!

There is no need to worry if you don’t know any of these frameworks – you will learn them everything in this course!
This course has it all covered!
We’ll start with the fundamentals, learning what Vue.js is and how it works, before moving on to more complicated and advanced subjects.
Where can I find out more about VueJS?

Introduction (covering fundamental syntax, understanding templates and other topics!)
Listening to Events and Outputting Reactive Data
(Rendering lists, attaching/detaching elements on a conditional basis, etc.)
Workflow and Environment Setup
The Use of Components (and what Components are to begin with)

Vue’s Behind the Scenes Tour
Form inputs are bound to the program.
Backend APIs are accessed through HTTP requests
Affirmation & Visualization
Animations and transitions: How to make your app more visually appealing

What is a Single Page Application (SPA)?
How Vuex can enhance state management
Installing and Deploying the App
Also, there is much more to discover…

They are taught through real-world examples and demonstration projects. To help you put what you’ve learned into practice, there are plenty of exercises, challenges and larger courser projects throughout the course.

The following projects will be built in addition to several smaller ones:
This game, called “Monster Slayer”, runs in the browser and is 100 percent driven by Vue.
It allows you to add, remove, and list your favorite learning materials.
A online tool that allows you to sign up, login, and register as a coach. It also allows you to list and filter available coaches as well as communicate with them.
Vue 3 and Vue 2 are currently included in this course (the section marked as “VUE2”). Towards the end of the year, Vue 2 will be withdrawn from the course.

If so, is this the program for you?
Check out this course’s description to find out whether it’s right for you!
This course will appeal to three categories of students:
First-year student
Does have a little familiarity with JavaScript and is curious in what this language can achieve. The idea that JavaScript may be used to develop attractive online apps and enhance current web pages has been mentioned and read about. It is VueJS that you should consider using!
Second-year student:
You’ve worked with other front-end frameworks, such as Angular (2+) or ReactJS, in the past. Due to curiosity or dissatisfaction with the existing frameworks, you are seeking for alternatives. VueJS may be the answer!

Student number three (third student):
But now he wants to branch out into the frontend industry. You should use VueJS because it’s entertaining, leverages native JS and is really strong!
Student #4 is an added bonus.
The Angular 2+ framework has left him dissatisfied. Does a decent framework require 2 hours of setup time to get it up and running? Absolutely not, as VueJS will show this pupil in no uncertain terms.
Right now, let’s dig into VueJS.

Those who should take this course:
Everybody interested in Frontend Development and JavaScript Frameworks should take this course.
Those who wish to build browser-based reactive applications should take this course.
Additionally, this course is designed for students who prefer a native JavaScript framework over Angular 2.
Angular 2 has left you unsatisfied? VueJS is the perfect solution for you!

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