Voice Training: You Can Speak With Confidence free download

Many of you reading this won’t like the way your voice sounds and will never want to speak in front of a group. You may be worried about your voice shaking, making mistakes, or not being remembered. Thats why we put together a short audio series which is exactly what you need to get started speaking with more confidence.

What you’ll learn in Voice Training: You Can Speak With Confidence

  • Increase the clarity of your voice.
  • Speak with Self-Assuredness
  • Communicate in a Conversational Tone
  • Get rid of any self-consciousness in your own voice.


  • Students must be willing to record and listen to themselves speak.


Voice Instruction.
How to Improve Your Vocal Ability
In this voice training class, you will learn how to diagnose and solve problems with your voice.
Please keep in mind that this course is NOT for anyone who has a severe neurological voice problem.

You will learn the following skills in this How to Improve Your Voice course:
*How to Speak More Energetically
*How to Speak in a More Conversational Tone
*How to avoid the most common issues with sounding boring and monotone
This course is primarily delivered through spoken lectures.

This course includes a number of video lectures as well as a number of bonus books for your training library.
TJ Walker has spent the last 30 years coaching and training people on their presentation skills.
It is entirely up to you how long this voice training course takes.

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