Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner Roguelike Development Course free download

Intermediate level course will show you how to build a sophisticated game by creating complex Unity components using C# scripting . 160+ in depth lectures with over 50 hours of detailed video supported by a full completed project with save points after every lecture . Learn how to implement play across multiple dungeon levels with boss battles, and high scores with accuracy multipliers . Use layers and sorting layers in a 2D game, and create dungeon room templates using tilemap layers . Create multiple player characters using prefabs, animator controllers and animations . Implement multiple weapon and ammo types which are configurable using scriptable objects . Add a Pause Menu to adjust the music and sound effect volume levels, and save the set levels .

What you’ll find out in Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner Roguelike Growth Course

  1. Unity 2D Video game Development to create a 2D Dungeon Shooter Roguelike game like ‘Get in The Gungeon’ or ‘The Binding Of Isaac’.
  2. Intermediate level training course will reveal you how to build an advanced game by developing complex Unity parts making use of C# scripting.
  3. Just how to construct a completely included, complete game– not just a tech demo.
  4. 160+ comprehensive lectures with over 50 hours of comprehensive video clip sustained by a full completed task with conserve points after every lecture.
  5. How to build a dungeon space node editor device to develop node charts of dungeon room designs for dungeon levels.
  6. Carry out video game electronic cameras making use of Cinemachine and also Pixel Perfect elements.
  7. How to utilize layers and also arranging layers in a 2D game, and create dungeon space design templates utilizing tilemap layers.
  8. Produce entire randomized game degrees utilizing a dungeon home builder algorithm that combines dungeon level node graphs and also dungeon area design templates.
  9. Create numerous player characters making use of prefabs, animator controllers and also computer animations.
  10. Apply player movement as well as tool intending, consisting of dodge roll manoeuvres.
  11. Doors which open for the gamer and also secure the player right into dungeon spaces while fighting enemies.
  12. Dungeon lighting that fades in as dungeon spaces are checked out.
  13. How to produce object pools and also utilize them in the video game to improve game performance.
  14. How to carry out numerous tool as well as ammunition types which are configurable making use of scriptable items.
  15. Just how to implement audio results in the video game using audio resources, audio audiences, as well as audio mixers.
  16. How to create a Minimap in the video game UI to reveal a zoomed out view of the player as well as bordering dungeon rooms.
  17. Just how to create special effects utilizing particle systems and implement them for tool capturing and also ammunition hit impacts.
  18. Develop several opponent types as well as managers that you will certainly run into across the several dungeon degrees.
  19. Usage covert tilemaps to save grid residential properties, such as recommended paths for opponents.
  20. Understand just how AStar pathfinding works by utilizing formulas as well as produce an AStar pathfinding system for the video game adversaries.
  21. Find out exactly how to spawn enemies in dungeon spaces in a configurable and also random way making use of emerge results.
  22. Implement weapons as well as ammunition for opponents, consisting of ammunition patterns and opponent tool shooting AI.
  23. Create health and damage systems for ammunition damage and also call damage.
  24. Discover just how to apply play across numerous dungeon degrees with boss fights, as well as high scores with accuracy multipliers.
  25. Develop items to decorate the dungeon spaces that can take damages as well as be damaged.
  26. Discover just how to carry out tables that can be turned to supply cover for the gamer.
  27. Carry Out Dungeon Breasts that the player can loot, that can have health, ammunition and also weapons.
  28. Implement a dungeon summary map that the player can utilize to navigate to rooms they’ve already visited.
  29. Find out how to carry out songs in the game which is configurable for each dungeon area to play both ambient music and also fight songs.
  30. Add a Pause Food selection to adjust the songs and also sound effect volume levels, and conserve the collection levels making use of Player Preferences.
  31. Produce a Main Food selection for the video game with a personality selector, high ratings table, and also video game play directions.

  • *** PLEASE DODENY THIS COURSE IF YOU GO TO A NOVICE DEGREE! This course does not cover C# and Unity essentials. The last point I desire is for you to be frustrated and also leave a negative evaluation because you don’t have actually the needed basic knowledge to adhere to the talks. This is an intermediate course as well as you need the needed skills listed here. I obviously would certainly enjoy you to register in the course, yet if you don’t have these skills begin with some beginner courses and after that come back when you have actually built a couple of video games as well as have a good level of knowledge of C# as well as Unity. ***
  • THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE LEVEL PROGRAM. You need to have Intermediate Unity Development Skills – and also developed a couple of Unity prototypes or video games before.
  • Great knowledge of the Unity editor, and how to utilize it’s highlights.
  • Good expertise of C# scripting and the fundamentals of things oriented programs.
  • Great expertise and also understanding of several of the primary Unity API classes and C# system classes.
  • The willingness to look up anything you are not familiar with in the Unity scripting guidebook or C# sources online.
  • Mount the totally free Unity 3D video game engine software application and Aesthetic Studio Area Version.
  • Install the free SourceTree git customer to help follow in addition to the supplied completed Unity project and the branches that correspond to finished talks.


Have you ever before intended to construct a 2D Roguelike game making use of the Unity video game engine like ‘Enter The Gungeon’ or ‘The Binding of Isaac’?
Well with this program you can!
The course and underlying task have taken several thousand hours to create, but all that expertise will be moved to you detailed, lecture by lecture. The program is huge with over 50 hrs of thorough video clip tutorials topped greater than 160 talks. This has to be one of the most full and also sophisticated Unity 2D advancement training courses available.

The game is innovative, and goes much beyond what a lot of Unity courses will certainly ever attempt to instruct you. The course covers:

This is just an option of what you’ll discover, and all the assets you’ll require to complete the program and also create a totally practical and also refined game are consisted of. The principles you’ll discover will assist you create your very own video game that you can tailor to match your game advancement vision.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Unity Developers who want to extend their skills and knowledge using a full project based course.
  • Existing Unity developers who are fans of Enter The Gungeon or The Binding Of Issac and want to build their own 2D Roguelike dungeon shooter.
  • A Unity developer who has previously built some prototypes or games and wants a challenging project course to level up their skills.
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