Travel! The Ultimate Crash Course to Living on the Road Free Download

Have you ever traveled to a foreign land? Spent at least three months outside your home country? I’m talking about living abroad before settling down. What could be the best way to do that? Save your money, grab your passport and backpack. Traveling will expand your horizon exponentially, it will expose you to new cultures, to different values, meet people from all over the world, show you how others live and last but not least, teach you how it feels to be free.

What you’ll learn in Travel! The Ultimate Crash Course to Living on the Road

  1. How to Afford a Life of Travel and Adventure (The Ultimate Crash Course to Living on the Road)
  2. Class 1 Introduction Class 2 Class Project Details Class 3 How Do I Make Money on the Road? Class 4 Dealing with Fears Class 5 How to Get Rid of Your Stuff Class 6 The Three Types of Camping Class 7 Which Type of Vehicle to Choose Class 8 How to Find Boon Docking and RV Parks Class 9 Stealth Parking Class 10 Should I Do an Interior Van Build?
  3. This class will teach you everything you need to know about living in a van, including how to find it, where to park, staying clean, going to the bathroom, how to cook in a van, getting out of debt, finding work, surviving a bad economy, traveling on a budget, how to get your mail, staying comfortable in the heat and cold, how to get electrical power, choosing a solar option, and much more.


  • There are no prerequisites to participate in this activity.


Learn How to Get Out of Debt, Travel, and Find True Freedom While Living in a Car, Van, or RV!
There are three main reasons you might be interested in living on the road: 1) you’re being forced into it by the economy, divorce, or unemployment; 2) the “American Dream” has become a nightmare for you and you’re tired of the rat race; or 3) it’s something you’ve always wanted to do and you’re now ready to see if it’s the right lifestyle for you!

Does this guy know what he’s talking about? The fact that I’ve been living in a vehicle for over 18 years should put your mind at ease, but you can find out for yourself by visiting my website and YouTube channel to see if I have any information you might be interested in: and the CheapRVLiving YouTube Channel.

Please accept my apologies for the length of the class; I realize it is more detailed and lengthy than most Skill Share classes, but I wanted to put all of my knowledge in one place so that you can easily create a wonderful life on the road and be confident that you have all of the tools you require.

Who this course is for:

  • With so many people being evicted it seems that I needed to create a class where people could easily find everything in one place. This Class is a 5-and-a-half-hour complete Class for Nomads that contains 19 Videos on EVERYTHING YOU NEED to start your life on the road! I have posted it on Udemy, so that you can find all of my most important videos for starting out, all in one organized place. I hope that this is beneficial for you whether you are new on the road or an experienced nomad. I have put all of my van life experience and a lot of effort into creating this Course. The Course includes 19 Lessons- where people can access it all easily in an organized way. So if you are new to the road or thinking about a life on the road, you can easily access everything you need here.
  • Beginner to Advanced- All Levels
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