Travel Journaling: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Diaries Free Download

You want to be an author who writes travel diaries. You have dreams of being on top of top-ten lists on Amazon, being called a famous travel writer, the one that people will ask for advice, tips, and travel destinations. But how do you begin? Where is the first step? Where are the tools you need to be successful? How do you manage your time so that you are very productive? How does one go about creating their own craft so that anyone would want to tell their story even without personal connections to them? These are just some of the questions that I use to ask myself. I had no idea how to write my own travel diaries. I was suffering from “what should I write?” syndrome

What you’ll learn in Travel Journaling: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Diaries

  1. With rich details, bring destinations to life.
  2. So that journaling doesn’t eat up all of your vacation time, splatter those details into your pages quickly.
  3. Choose writing times that don’t interfere with your exploration.
  4. Use unfamiliar places as backdrops for self-discovery as you weave together your “outer” and “inner” journeys.
  5. Write with confidence by eluding your “Inner Censor.”
  6. Investigate alternative journaling methods to infuse your travel journals with a new level of creativity.
  7. Learn how to recall details from previous trips that you thought you’d forgotten and use your words to bring them back to life.
  8. (A follow-up course on how to write travel tales for publication is coming soon!) Use your “rough draft” journals as a springboard for writing more polished travel tales.
  9. Gain a better understanding of the world around you so that journaling becomes an asset rather than a burden during your travel adventures.
  10. Learn how to create extraordinary travel journals that will help you remember your adventures for the rest of your life.


  • A thirst for adventure
  • a desire to recall all of your adventures’ rich and colorful details


Presented by a bestselling travel author, professional writing and life coach, and former Rick Steves’ Europe website editor!

We get to keep those stories for a lifetime if we can remember the details, and journaling about them in a travel diary helps keep our memories vivid.

The most common tool for documenting travels is a camera. Nearly everyone takes a camera on vacation, but there is so much we can’t capture in a photograph that we can in a well-written travel journal – all of our senses, the unique emotions we experience in unfamiliar places, the tales we hear from people we meet, challenges we overcome, that sense of wonder we feel as we travel through foreign environments, and so much more.

Both of these issues will be addressed in this course.
You’ll discover how to quickly incorporate bold and vivid details into your travel journals, allowing you to spend more time exploring and less time writing.
You’ll also learn fun and efficient writing techniques so that travel journaling doesn’t feel like a chore in the middle of an exciting trip.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your writing skills, this is the course for you.
So sign up today and get ready to write and travel like you’ve never written before, with a better understanding of your journeys and the ability to write about them in ways that will keep your memories vivid for years to come.

Who this course is for:

  • Travelers
  • Writers of all skill levels
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