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Have you ever felt nervous about speaking in public? Did you know that having a fear of public speaking is natural, and can even prevent good performances? But what if you could change all of that by making your presentation fun and exciting? At I’ll teach you the secrets to giving better presentations that will boost your career, boost your confidence, boost your audience’s attention, boost your audience’s retention…and well, just boost everything.

What you’ll learn in Three steps to remarkable public speaking

  1. How to boost your self-assurance so you can speak in public with zeal.
  2. How to develop a comprehensive content strategy and then make your ideas memorable and compelling.
  3. What hooks to use to give each main idea flavor and appeal, making it interesting and alive.
  4. How to improve your speaker’s authenticity and connect with your audience.


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Hello, my name is Raluca Erimescu, and I’m a public speaking and storyteller trainer, a World Class Speaking Coach, and a blogger.

This course will assist you in developing a memorable stage presence.
o You’ll transform from an anxious, uneasy speaker afraid of “What will they think? How will I sound? Am I good enough?” to a passionate, ready to share your knowledge, energy, and confidence.

o You’ll know how to harmonize and synergize the various parts of your speech.
o You’ll use a plan to build the blocks of your content in a more organized and efficient manner, saving time.
o You’ll learn Burdock Bur’s technique for capturing, alluring, and remembering each big idea.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone having the desire to overcome fear and speak in front of an audience.
  • If you want to upgrade your confidence level, feel better in your skin in front of an audience, express yourself with poise and excitement, this course is for you. If you want to master your fear and step into discovering the joy to speak you will love the four techniques presented in the first module.
  • It is for those who search to improve their skills to create engaging content and deliver powerful ideas.
  • Anyone who desires to upgrade his connection with the audience and create a lasting effect with their message.
  • Teachers, Lecturers, Students
  • Business oriented presenters, Salespeople, Pitchpresenters
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