The London System Chess Opening with FIDE CM Kingscrusher Free Download

The Queen’s Gambit has long been considered to be Black’s best reply to the very popular King’s pawn opening. If both sides adhere to normal theory, then this opening leads to approximately equal chances for either side to win. This, however, is provided that the game progresses in the harmonious way thought of by Capablanca and Nimzowitsch. For example, there are numerous ideas in the London System which can damage the Slav repertoire right to its very core!

What you’ll learn in The London System Chess Opening with FIDE CM Kingscrusher

  1. Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion, employs one of the most reliable opening systems available.
  2. An easy-to-learn system that doesn’t necessitate a lot of sharp opening variation memorization.
  3. Positional themes that can be used in a wider range of games to improve your middlegame and endgame performance.
  4. For maximum effectiveness, the World Chess Champion employs a specific move order.
  5. When you really want to reduce the risk of losing, you can rely on this system.
  6. A system designed to irritate opponents who have theoretically prepared for their favorite trendy openings.
  7. Stockfish NN and strong Neural network engines have been used to validate systems and ideas.
  8. The most educational and inspiring stem game collection available to get your creative juices flowing!
  9. One of the first major chess courses to use Stockfish NN and other Neural Networks from the start, taught by a FIDE titled player.
  10. An opening system that you can use to annoy opponents regardless of the opponent’s preparation!
  11. An opening system with a large following on many websites, including over 1000 members in the London System!
  12. Even for Super Grandmaster games, the Mighty Stockfish NN engine has yielded a plethora of fantastic innovations and novelties.
  13. In terms of learning investment, time and energy, and game results, the London system is widely regarded as having the best cost/benefit ratio.
  14. Learn how to “downside-proof” the London system for other systems like Dutch Stonewall and Lenningrad.
  15. Magnus Carlsen’s games with the White pieces in the London System have been extensively studied.
  16. With the White pieces, this is the only chess opening you’ll ever need, and it’s one you’ll use in every game.
  17. Even for unusual 1.d4 responses, care has been taken to include exciting model games to give you confidence.


  • Has a good understanding of the fundamentals of chess.


The London System is a chess opening that is suitable for any level of chess player and provides arguably one of the highest cost/benefit openings to learn for any aspiring player. Even the World Chess Champion and other Grandmasters use this opening with great success at any time control.

The use of “Systems” in general is not new; Bobby Fischer used the Kings’ Indian attack system in his early years, and Bent Larsen used 1.b3. Julian Hodgson won many British championships with his pet Trompowsky. The London “System” means that there is less need to memorize a lot of sharp variations, and you can get a comfortable position fairly quickly. This, in turn, allows you to focus on other aspects of your chess, such as more time for tactics training or

Who this course is for:

  • Chess beginner and intermediate players
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