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I’ve learned the hard way that there are certain skills that you just can’t afford to do without in today’s business world. If you want to be successful in both your personal and professional life, having skills in these 12 areas is now a must-have. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. will create 10 million jobs over the next decade—but only two million college grads will be qualified to fill them. Sorry about that diploma you worked so hard to get—it’s obsolete! The skills game has changed… forever. How to Become Financially Independent (And Get Rich Never), introduces you to all the key skills you need to grow your career—and ultimately become financially independent (and get rich).

What you’ll learn in The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2021

  1. Excel allows you to work efficiently.
  2. Create professional-looking spreadsheets.
  3. Carry out routine tasks much more quickly
  4. In Microsoft Excel, make professional graphs.
  5. Without difficulty, work with large amounts of data
  6. Recognize the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping
  7. Create a P&L statement for a business.
  8. Make a balance sheet from the ground up for a business.
  9. Analyze the financial statements
  10. Recognize the significance of revenue and cost recognition timing.
  11. To evaluate a company’s performance, calculate the Liquidity, Solvency, Profitability, and Growth ratios.
  12. Become familiar with 10-K reports
  13. The Net Present Value method can be used to determine whether a project is viable.
  14. Make a detailed loan repayment schedule.
  15. The distinction between variable and fixed interest rates should be understood.
  16. Analyze the marketplace.
  17. Recognize the factors that influence the value of a company.
  18. Understand how to assess a company.
  19. Use Microsoft PowerPoint to your advantage.
  20. In PowerPoint, you can make professional business presentations.
  21. If you follow the course to the letter, you’ll be a successful Financial Analyst in no time!


  • We will start from the beginning and gradually build up your knowledge; everything will be covered in the course.
  • Excel 2010, 2013, 2021 , or 2021 are required.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2021 , or 2021 will be required.


** This page has been updated for the month of October 2021!
“The Complete Financial Analyst Course might be a perfect fit for you if you’re trying to prepare for an eventual career in finance but still want to round out your knowledge of the subject,” Business Insider says.

“The best candidates find great positions even in the toughest job markets,” Forbes writes.
All you have to do now is figure out how to gain practical skills that will set you apart from the competition.
However, how are you going to do it?

Please don’t worry; we’re here to assist you.
The Complete Financial Analyst Course is the most in-depth, dynamic, and practical course available on the internet.
It covers a number of topics that every aspiring Financial Analyst should be aware of:

Now it’s time to have some fun.
You’ll be given a challenge after you’ve gone over each major roadblock:
Doesn’t that sound fascinating?
You’ll send us your work at the end of the challenge, and we’ll give you personalized feedback, creating an interactive student experience that maximizes what you’ll learn from the course.

Why should you think about becoming a financial analyst?
Remember that the course is backed by Udemy’s 30-day unconditional, money-back-in-full guarantee; after all, why not offer such a guarantee when we’re confident the course will provide you with a lot of value?

Who this course is for:

  • People who want a successful career in Finance
  • Anyone who wants to learn the practical skills of Financial analysis
  • People who are ambitious and want to learn faster than their peers
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