SQL Server: The 28 hour Masterclass course (16 courses in 1) free download

What you’ll discover in SQL Server: The 28 hour Masterclass course (16 courses in 1)

    Find out the SQL language from A to Z (10 hrs of lessons). To carry out an SQL server (13 hrs of lessons ). Substantially boost the performance of your SQL Server engine (4 hrs of lessons ). And also take an online interview at the end of the course with these 40 inquiries as well as 40 responses!+ 80 functional workouts are in this training course to settle your knowledge!In short, come to be a genuine expert on SQL server (and that’s significantly sought after).


  • Have an excellent need to learn, as well as a computer in fantastic shape


This training course likewise takes

the brand-new SQL Web server variation 2022

( new attributes such as GREATEST, LEAST, WINDOWS, STRING_SPLIT, DATE_BUCKET as well as GENERATE_SERIES are gone over).

Welcome to the wealthiest and also most comprehensive course on the Udemy system regarding SQL Server.

This course details the 16 training courses in my brochure:.

  1. SQL Server for.

    full beginners.

    ( 7 hrs of method + 80 functional workouts).

  2. Discover the in-.

    demand job of developer SQL.

  3. The Total SQL Web Server 2019 Database Administration Program.

  4. SQL Web Server 2019: Administration SQL Web Server Component 1.

  5. SQL Server 2019: Administration SQL Server Part 2.

  6. SQL Server 2019: Administration SQL Web Server Part 3.

  7. The complete program concerning.

    BACKUP and also RESTORE.

  8. Detecting and also Fixing.

    Data source Corruption.

  9. SQL Web Server: Configuring as well as customizing a data source on SQL.

  10. 99 queries to understand SQL in less than 4 hrs!

  11. SQL Server: The full training course on.


  12. Learn the in-demand.

    task of DBA.

    SQL Server.

  13. SQL Web server:.

    Security and also Advantage.


  14. Come and also test the Transact SQL with these 50 exercises.

  15. Signs up with, partition features, as well as CTE in Transact SQL 2019.

  16. Prepare your.

    future interview.

    on SQL Server (.

    with these 40 inquiries and 40 answers! ).

I test you to discover in a solitary program.

these 3 very essential chapters on SQL Server.



Chapter 1: Transact SQL for the outright beginner as well as likewise experienced programmers (10 hours of class).

  • Let’s begin by mounting SQL Server and also management workshop on your workstation.

  • The production and meaning of a data source as well as a table.

  • Let’s start playing with information with SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT as well as DELETE.

  • Discover the column pen names and deal with the uniqueness as well as secrets of LIKE as well as TOP.

  • Find out how to eliminate matches with the DISTINCT as well as discover the Comparison operators =!= as well as Duplicating a table with the SELECT INTO.

  • Allow’s talk about the.

    IN, NOT IN, IS and also IS NOT operators, and also Sort your information with ORDER BY.

  • Discover accumulated functions with.

    MIN MAX and also AVG and also both drivers and also, OR.

  • Let’s discover the uniqueness of.

    Matter as well as SUM.

    and also how to pick a range of information with the.

    BETWEEN and Group numerous results with the team BY.

  • A lengthy phase of.

    1h30 mins on JOINS.


  • Let’s uncover the uniqueness of UNION and also UNION ALL, and the LEFT and RIGHT feature.

  • Let’s go also additionally with Transact SQL with the.


  • Let’s take a look at the.

    conversion functions.

    through actors as well as CONVERT, TRY_CAST and also TRY_CONVERT.

  • Let’s come close to the.

    Day type functions.


  • Let’s strengthen our expertise of TSQL even more.


  • The creation and meaning of a view and also Stored Treatment, feature, schema as well as trigger.

  • A long phase.


    1h30 minutes on RANKING functions.

    such as.


  • We will certainly uncover a one hour course on.


    ( common table expression). So effective therefore unknown (I still don’t recognize by the way) and also.

    the acquired table.

  • Do you understand the difference between Short-term tables, Variable tables and Global tables?


Chapter 2: The full administration of a SQL Web server (11 hours of course).

  • Tackle.

    Back-up and also recover for 3 hrs,.

    we will certainly see thoroughly in this course, exactly how to establish a robust and dependable technique, to ensure your information on a manufacturing web server.

  • In one more 2 hr course, we will certainly learn just how.

    to detect and repair corruption on a data source.

    . Did you understand that Microsoft logs.

    over 1000 assistance instances.

    each day concerning corruption! As well as you, just how would you react in situation of corruption?

  • We will certainly also discuss throughout 3 hrs,.

    the configuration and modification of your data source on SQL.

    . Did you understand that a negative Autogrow established on your database, can make you lose.

    60% of your efficiency.

    ? Do you understand the.


    choice? Every little thing is covered in this training course, as well as believe me, you will certainly be shocked at the number of options on a DB that SQL Server uses.

  • Administration rhymes with preventative measure, and.

    consequently of course with safety and security.

    . We will certainly talk about safety as well as benefit monitoring throughout 2 hours. We will certainly find out how to set up a robust as well as safe SQL server.

  • We will cover a long chapter on the.

    different isolation settings.

    ( READ COMMITED, SERIALIZABLE, SNAPSHOT …), we will certainly likewise see the different types of.


    ( PK, FK, CHECK, UNIQUE …), in addition to.

    SERIES, as well as IDENTITY.

  • We will also talk about the adjustment data capture (CDC), lots of brand-new attributes launched on SQL Web server 2016 such as.

    Row Level Protection, Dynamic Information Masking (DDM), Temporal Information.


Phase 3: How to enhance efficiency on your production SQL web server (4 hours).

  • If we are speaking about performance, we will obviously be.

    discussing indexes.

    This is a good idea due to the fact that it will certainly be covered in this phase for 4 hours. A great implementation of your indexes can actually save your performance on your SQL web server. I strongly suggest you to look at this chapter, to probably.

    avoid going into big expenses of purchasing servers, which may not be needed.

  • Do you understand.

    SARGABLE queries?

    I allow you uncover it in this chapter, to rewrite your SQL queries, in a better method, and therefore of course, much better efficiency.


Chapter 4:.

Come as well as take a virtual meeting via these 40 inquiries and also 40 theoretical solutions.

  • Start out more certain by tackling all these theoretical concerns,.

    to ensure that you can encounter an interview on SQL.

  • You are a.

    Java programmer or Python as an example.

    , you most likely to an interview, you do not really recognize what to assess in advance, this is a summary of one of the most often asked inquiries.

  • For example:.

    What is a main secret? what is an index? What is the difference in between OLAP and OLTP? Do you know the COALLESCE feature? or exactly how do you get rid of matches with your question?

There will be lots of brand-new areas included 2021, certainly if you have actually already purchased this program, these new components will be totally free for you:.

  • Exactly how to administer your SQL server with powershell? (3 hrs of course).

  • Improve the efficiency of saved treatments (2 hrs of class).

  • Let’s go together on SQL Azure! (3 hrs of class).

  • Obviously there are greater than 100 workouts and modifications in this training course.

This course will have an estimated period of in between 30 and 40 hours once finished.

Who this course is for:

  • Future Database Administrators (DBA)
  • Developers who want to learn about SQL
  • BI consultants working on technologies other than SQL Server (Oracle etc…)
  • Students who want to get started on SQL
  • Tech leads (CRM, Web etc…) who want to discover SQL
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