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The mysterious nature of RF has long hindered the comprehension of its functions . The behavior of RF is based on just a few simple laws of physics that are quite easily explained . Students will then be able to easily absorb the more advanced principles of data transfer protocols . These principles, along with the rest of the material in the course, are presented with clean graphics, simple animations, crystal-clear explanations and real-life analogies . The course is very visual, students will promptly be able to conceive RF and antenna fundamentals on a very basic level . Using this foundation of understanding, students can then be easily absorb more advanced princings of data-transfer protocols .

What you’ll discover in RF/ Antenna Fundamentals

  1. RF/ antennas in wireless procedures
  2. 802.11 WiFi data-transfer systems
  3. Facets of RF proliferation
  4. Capability to plainly explain RF principles


The strange nature of RF has actually long impeded the comprehension of its functions. In truth, the habits of RF is based upon just a few basic regulations of physics that are rather easily explained.

Because this course is very visual, students will quickly be able to develop RF and also antenna fundamentals on a really basic degree. Using this foundation of understanding, students will certainly then have the ability to quickly soak up the more advanced principles of data transfer procedures. These concepts, along with the remainder of the material in the training course exist with clean graphics, basic computer animations, crystal-clear explanations and also real-life examples.

Who this course is for:

  • The target student for this course is everyone from the absolute beginner to the seasoned IT professional. For students looking to learn about RF and how it is used in today’s data-transfer protocols, this course will shed complete light on where other courses fail in explaining the basic dynamics of RF. For IT professionals, this course will not only give the ability to comprehend more advanced RF topics, but it will give the ability better explain these topics to others. Thanks to the visual nature of the course, all students will have a solid, intuitive grasp of the material upon completion.
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