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What you’ll learn in Raspberry Pi Full Stack Raspbian

  • Install Raspbian Lite, a basic operating system, on the Raspberry Pi.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using headless mode?
  • Learn how to set up and utilize a Python virtual environment, including how to install and run Python.
  • The Python-based web micro-framework Flask is available for installation and use.
  • As an application server for Flask, install and configure uWSGI
  • The light-weight web server Nginx should be installed and used.
  • You may set up systemd to launch your program automatically.
  • Input and output data may be obtained via the RPi’ GPIO pins.
  • A humidity and temperature sensor (DHT22) can be used.
  • SQLite is a database that can be installed and used.
  • Sensor data may be represented visually using the Google Chart API.
  • Utilise JQuery to make web pages more interactive
  • Analyze sensor data graphically with Plotly
  • Assign your Raspberry Pi a static IP address.
  • Use the Internet to make your application available from anywhere.


Model B of the Raspberry Pi 4, 3, 2, and 4.
An operating system such as Windows, Mac OS, or Linux
This sensor is called a DHT22.
An LED of 5mm diameter
There is a pushbutton.
A breadboard and jumper wires are used to build circuits.
Internet access is available to all students.
The first portion of the course offers a free lecture on hardware requirements.


“Pi” is the world’s most popular embedded computer. In this project, we will teach you how to develop an Internet of Things application using the Raspberry Pi.
Updated version of the original Raspberry Pi Full Stack, now with more features and improvements! As part of this new course, I’ve updated all of the technology involved in the current state of the art and included new material.

During this course, you will learn about the whole process of creating a web application from start to finish.
When working with web servers, database servers, routers and schedulers you will be integrating LEDs and buttons as well as sensors and Javascript.

Why the Raspberry Pi is such an excellent tinkering platform will become apparent when you see for yourself:
Wireless and wired networking as well as the ability to link sensors and actuators are all examples of open hardware.
this operating system offers you access to high-level programming languages and desktop apps. the freedom of open source development tools that truly drives the cloud apps you use every day.
You will learn how to finish each phase of the application development process as you move through the parts.

As a starting point, you’ll learn about the operating system, then move on to Python and some popular hardware. A web application stack and an application will be built up next.
In the courses, you will discover new features and enhancements that you may include into your program as you go along.

A basic knowledge of computers and electronics is required for this course.
A breadboard and basic components are required.

In this course, you’ll do a lot of coding. The use of a text editor is required for this project. Python, Javascript or other high-level programming languages will be helpful, but they are not required.
The sole prerequisite for enrolling is that you are willing to study and put in the needed amount of time and effort.

The free lectures in the initial portion of the course should not be missed. Lectures about the course topic and hardware requirements will be provided.
Thanks for the invitation! I look forward to studying with you!

This course is intended for the following individuals:
Anyone who is interested in learning how to create a web application from scratch.
Having some programming expertise in a high-level language is helpful, but not required
Though not required, previous experience with tiny breadboard circuits is helpful
who wants to get expertise in developing web applications using contemporary web application development technologies

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