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Psychology is the study of people and their behavior . It is a science which means it follows rules, but also has opinion . The two early psychological approaches are Structuralism and Functionalism which have been around for a long time . This Introduction to Psychology course is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to develop an understanding of psychology and to explore its relevance to the individual, family, community and society . It introduces learners to the most widely recognised and popular topics in the field of psychology, and does so in an entertaining and intellectually stimulating way . The course includes the basic interests and applications of the five major domains, or pillars, of contemporary psychology .

What you’ll discover in Psychology 101

  1. Specify Psychology
  2. Define structuralism as well as functionalism as well as the contributions of Wunt and James in the advancement of psychology
  3. Explain Freud’s influence on psychology and his significant academic contributions
  4. Explain the basic tenets of Gestalt psychology
  5. Define behaviorism and also the contibutions of Pavlov, Watson, as well as to psychology
  6. Describe the basic tenets of humanism and Maslow’s contribution to psychology
  7. Define the fundamentals of cognitive psychology and how the cognitive transformation shifted psychology’s focus back to the mind
  8. Summarize the history of psychology, concentrating on the major colleges of idea
  9. Define the development of psychology as well as the significant leaders in the field
  10. Determine the various strategies, areas, as well as subfields of psychology in addition to their significant concepts and crucial figures
  11. List and define the 5 major domain names, or pillars, of modern psychology
  12. Explain the fundamental interests and also applications of biopsychology and transformative psychology
  13. Explain the basic interests and also applications of cognitive psychology
  14. Define the fundamental passions and also applications of developing psychology
  15. Describe the standard passions and also applications of social psychology and individuality psychology
  16. Explain the standard rate of interests and applications of unusual, medical, as well as health psychology
  17. Define industrial-organizational psychology, sport and also workout psychology, and also forensic psychology
  18. Explain the value of psychology and also possible careers paths for those that research psychology
  19. Explain why an education and learning in psychology is valuable
  20. Describe educational Requirements and also career options for the research of psychology


Psychology is the study of individuals and their behavior. It is a scientific research which implies it adheres to policies, however also has viewpoint
Psychology has actually been around for a very long time and it continues to transform with our view on individuals and also culture today. Both very early mental techniques are Structuralism and Functionalism which have been around for a long period of time.

This Intro to Psychology training course is designed to provide participants with the chance to establish an understanding of psychology and also to discover its significance to the individual, family, area and also society.
This Introduction to Psychology introduces students to the most extensively recognised and popular topics in the area of psychology, as well as does so in an enjoyable and also intellectually promoting means.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for students interested in a course similar to a college semester in psychology. It is ideal for anyone who want to learn about psychology in general
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