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Pre-Investing: Essential Real Estate Investing Concepts is an excellent primer on real estate investing . Symon starts off basic and builds on concepts learned in previous lectures . Students from over 190 countries are learning and using the tools provided in the course to help them invest wherever they are located . All of the concepts taught and tools provided are just as useful for any market around the world. The other courses all go deeper on the analysis side but do not touch on many of the topics I cover here. In summation, this course will teach you some basic mechanics in how to evaluate a real estate deal. It was the perfect introduction for me and gave me the confidence to continue with more complex .

What you’ll discover in Pre-Investing: Essential Property Spending Principles

  1. Gain a wide foundational data base for real estate investing
  2. Understand the different stages of the realty market cycle
  3. Understand exactly how to determine the ideal investment method for your goals
  4. Recognize the lots of methods to buy property
  5. Be able to make use of the Price Technique to value a property
  6. Have the ability to make use of the Comparable Sales Approach to value a building
  7. Have the ability to make use of the Income Method to value a property
  8. Understand just how leverage influences financial investments
  9. Forecast the most likely timing of the next property market top and crash

  • Microsoft Excel 2013+


Theodore Papadopoulos – 5 Stars
“This training course is a superb guide on real estate investing. I would very recommend this program to any individual interested in learning some real world core principles. Symon starts standard as well as builds on concepts learned in previous lectures. In summation, this training course will show you some fundamental technicians in how to review a real estate offer.”

Susan Corry – 5 Stars
Symon did a wonderful task of discussing the basics of property investing. It was the ideal intro for me as well as offered me the self-confidence to proceed with even more complex course subjects!

Jacob Nelson – 5 Stars

Do you have definitely no knowledge or experience in real estate investing however intend to start?

Do you have the drive and also aspiration but you’re simply uncertain where to start?

Do you really feel overloaded with the apparently unlimited selections as well as alternatives available to new investors?

Should you start with solution & & turns, leasings, wholesaling, lease choices, or another thing completely?

What is the smartest way for a brand-new financier to start?

To put it simply, what should you understand before making your initial investment?

If you wish to learn the most essential property spend concepts and also create a strong foundation as a primary step towards your property spending education, this is your program.

If you’re still not sure, below are a few of the inquiries I obtain asked several by prospective pupils:


I do not stay in the US, is this course still appropriate to me?

Yes! While the instances I make use of are U.S.A. residential or commercial properties (because the substantial bulk of my trainees are from the USA) ALL of the concepts instructed as well as tools provided are just as beneficial for any kind of market around the globe. In fact, I have pupils from over 190 nations that are learning as well as utilizing the devices given in the training course to help them spend wherever they lie.

How is this various from your other training courses?
My various other realty programs here are all focused primarily on financial investment analysis– one concentrating on examining fix & & flips and also rental income homes, another that concentrates only on multifamily, and a 3rd, more detailed, program that covers residential along with a host of various other commercial real estate scenarios. The various other courses all go deeper on the analysis side but do not touch on most of the subjects I cover right here.

Suppose I already have some real estate history?
This training course is NOT for you. This is meant for newbies and also those who little bit to no existing understanding. Although, I will certainly state that some trainees with experience discovered this to be a great refresher course, especially the area on realty cycles. If you are a knowledgeable investor, you might discover some valuable understandings in here, simply please know that this training course is developed for new financiers.

Why is there so much math and numbers?
Mathematics is an essential wickedness to recognizing real estate investing. If you can not do the mathematics, it’ll be difficult for you to actually get a strong grasp on the principles. If/when you’re puzzled, simply leave a message in the forums– I usually respond within two days. Of what it deserves, there is means more mathematics in my other, more advanced courses. I’ve put the bare minimum here. Every serious investor needs to be able to do these financial investment estimations. If your mathematics is rusty, now is the moment to get a handle on it.

Why do you make use of Excel so much?
Great question. Analyzing realty financial investments includes taking a look at the numbers and also it’s most convenient to do that with spread sheets, which is why I make use of Excel thoroughly. The good news is you do not have to build any of the models on your own. I have actually done all the effort for you. You just need to be able to adhere to along and make use of the models I’ve produced for you.

Can you make me rich by taking your course?

No other way! Not simply from taking the training course, at least. Any person that assures you that is offering snake oil. If you take my training course AND use what you’ve found out to make smarter financial investments in the future, then you have a chance at producing some significant profits.

What I can assure is that you will entrust to some significant realty spending expertise as well as methods.

What else does this program cover besides realty investing?

This program is everything about and just the fundamental property investing principles.

What will I be able to do after I take your course?

After taking my program, you will be:
– Able to confidently use expert real estate financial investment techniques.
– Able to review both domestic and also industrial realty possibilities.

– Know how to recognize and reduce financial investment threats.
Sunil Ramsumair – 5 Stars
“Really helpful, excellent trainer and also program product, I am extremely happy with the web content of the course.”

Ethan Wong – 5 Stars

What WON’T I get from this program?
– You will not obtain any kind of sort of realty permit from taking this training course. You can only get accredited by taking the ideal test with the testing firm of your state as well as country. But what I teach in this training course has absolutely nothing to with obtaining a license, which focuses on how to legitimately help with deals in realty between customers and vendors. This program is about the capitalist’s potential.

– This training course does not cover any one of the vast array of OTHER realty topics, which deserve their own training courses, consisting of however not restricted to: contract settlements, real estate validities, property advertising, REITs, etc. I attempt to cover the most vital principles as they associate with reviewing financial investment chances.

Are you scared this course won’t work? I assure you it will.

Are you terrified this course will work and you’ll really have to start investing? I think that’s a respectable problem to have.

Are you afraid it will require time and also initiative? It will. Property isn’t a simple business, if it was everybody would do it. But if you place in the work I assure you’ll see results.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn core real estate investing concepts
  • Anyone who wants to understand the real estate cycles & market phases
  • Anyone who wants to understand the best options for 1st time investors
  • Anyone who wants to understand the different ways to invest in real estate
  • Anyone who wants to understand the pros & cons of different types of investment strategies
  • Anyone who wants to understand how to evaluate markets
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