PLC Fundamentals (Level I) Free Download

PLC Fundamentals the most important courses for any process industry professional to master, regardless of their position or experience level. This is Level I of PLC Fundamentals, which provides a foundation of knowledge covering theory, terminology, definitions, advanced solid logic controllers (SLC), smart controls, computerized automation systems (CAS), equipment flexibility systems (EFS), system simulation, and preventive maintenance. The Level I course curriculum provides ample build-up of preliminary skills before moving on to Level II. Students who master this fundamental information will be better equipped with the knowledge needed to master the Level II PLC Fundamentals course where they will cover more advanced subjects.

What you’ll learn in PLC Fundamentals (Level I)

  1. You will be able to program a PLC from the ground up by the end of this course.
  2. The primary goal of this course is to teach a novice how to program a PLC, use ladder logic, and understand how a standard HMI (Human-Machine Interface) works.
  3. The difference between digital and analog signals, as well as how to bring them into a PLC, process them, and send them back out, will be taught to students.
  4. Students will have learned enough ladder logic instructions to write a complete PLC program from scratch.
  5. Students will learn about HOA control, level control, pump control, and (at least on a basic level) PID control loops.
  6. Students will gain a better understanding of alarm and notification programming, as well as the safety and operator usability issues that go along with it.
  7. Students will be given an overview of HMI development as well as a general understanding of how an HMI program operates.


  • This course does not require any software, hardware, or prior experience, but practicing the techniques discussed on an emulator or a live PLC is a necessary step toward mastery.


This course (only ten dollars on PLC Dojo) is designed to provide the basic tools needed to create a complete PLC program using ladder logic common to most current platforms for the novice with no prior PLC programming experience.
General controls, digital and analog IO, ladder logic programming, alarm / notification handling, HMI, emulation, best practices, and more will be covered using the Rockwell software RSLogix 500 and FactoryTalk View Studio.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is written for anybody who wants to become functional with ladder logic as quickly as possible.
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