Modern Natural Language Processing(NLP) using Deep Learning. free download

What you’ll learn in Modern Natural Language Processing(NLP) using Deep Learning . Introductory Python, to more advanced concepts like Object Oriented Programming, decorators, generators, generators and even specialized libraries like Numpy & Matplotlib . TensorFlow installation, Basics and training neural networks with Tensor Flow 2.1 . Convolutional Neural Networks, Modern ConvNets, training object recognition models with T.ensorFlow 2.0 . Deploying a Deep Learning Model with Google Cloud Function. Deploying Deep Learning models with Google cloud function. Using Google Cloud function. Training Neural Machine Translation, Question Answering, Image Captioning, Sentiment Analysis .

What you’ll learn in Modern Natural Language Handling(NLP) utilizing Deep Discovering.

  1. Initial Python, to more advanced principles like Object Oriented Shows, designers, generators, and also specialized libraries like Numpy & & Matplotlib
  2. Proficiency of the basics of Artificial intelligence as well as The Artificial Intelligence Developmment Lifecycle.
  3. Linear Regression, Logistic Regression and also Neural Networks developed from the ground up.
  4. TensorFlow installment, Fundamentals as well as training neural networks with TensorFlow 2.
  5. Convolutional Neural Networks, Modern ConvNets, training object acknowledgment designs with TensorFlow 2.
  6. Recurrent Neural Networks, Modern RNNs, training sentiment analysis designs with TensorFlow 2.
  7. Neural Equipment Translation, Question Answering, Picture Captioning, Sentiment Evaluation, Speech acknowledgment
  8. Deploying a Deep Discovering Version with Google Cloud Feature.


In this course, we will look at core Deep Discovering ideas and apply our understanding to solve real world troubles in All-natural Language Handling making use of the Python Programs Language and TensorFlow 2. We will describe core Machine Learning topics like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Multi-class category and Neural Networks. If you’ve gotten to this factor, it suggests you want grasping Deep Knowing For NLP as well as using your skills to solve practical issues.

You might already have some understanding on Machine learning, Natural Language Processing or Deep Learning, or you might be can be found in contact with Deep Knowing for the extremely very first time. It doesn’t matter from which end you originate from, due to the fact that at the end of this training course, you shall be an expert with much hands-on experience.

You shall work on a number of projects like Belief Evaluation, Equipment Translation, Inquiry Answering, Photo captioning, speech recognition and also more, utilizing understanding acquired from this training course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python Developers curious about Deep Learning.
  • Deep Learning Practitioners who want gain a mastery of how things work under the hoods
  • Anyone who wants to master deep learning fundamentals and also practice deep learning using best practices in TensorFlow.
  • Natural Language Processing practitioners who want to learn how state of art NLP models are built and trained using deep learning.
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