Modern Artificial Intelligence with Zero Coding Free Download

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world. It powers modern applications like Siri, Google Now, and Amazon’s Alexa. I was intrigued by AI after learning about it in college, then I became hooked after actually experiencing machine learning algorithms first-hand. Machine learning is all about coming up with strategies that allow machines to take actions based on data without being explicitly programmed to do so. It’s the future of technology, and I think you should learn about it because everyone will be affected by it sooner or later.

What you’ll learn in Modern Artificial Intelligence with Zero Coding

  1. Using Google Teachable Machine, create, train, and deploy AI models for detecting human emotions.
  2. Explain how learning rate, epochs, batch size, accuracy, and loss differ.
  3. Using AWS AI AutoPilot, predict insurance premiums based on customer characteristics like age, smoking habit, and location.
  4. Using DataRobot AI, create, train, and deploy advanced artificial intelligence to detect cardiovascular disease.
  5. Using DataRobot AI, you can use AI to recognize different types of food.
  6. Using Google Teachable Machines, create an AI model to detect and classify chest disease based on X-Ray data.
  7. Evaluate AI models that have been trained using a variety of KPIs such as the confusion matrix, classification accuracy, and error rate.
  8. List the benefits of transfer learning and when to use it to accelerate the learning process.
  9. Learn the theory and intuition behind residual networks, a type of cutting-edge deep neural network widely used in business and healthcare.
  10. Learn how to use DataRobot to compare the performance of multiple AI models based on XG-Boost, Artificial Neural Networks, and Random Forest Classifiers.
  11. Learn how the classifier threshold affects the False Positive Rate (Fallout) and True Positive Rate (Sensitivity).
  12. Learn how to build, train, and deploy AI/ML models with the SageMaker Studio AutoML tool, which requires almost no coding knowledge.
  13. Differentiate between different regression model KPIs like R2 (coefficient of determination), Mean absolute error, Mean Squared error, and Root Mean Squared Error.
  14. Using AWS SageMaker Autopilot, create, train, and deploy an XGBoost-based regression algorithm.


  • Students who enroll in this course will master AI fundamentals and directly apply these skills to solve real-world challenging problems. There are no prerequisites, and it is open to anyone with no or basic programming knowledge.


Do you want to create super-powerful AI applications but lack coding skills?
Are you frightened of artificial intelligence and unsure where to begin?
Maybe you don’t have a computer science degree but want to get into AI anyway.
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to use AI to increase revenue and cut costs but isn’t sure how to get started?

Who this course is for:

  • Seasoned consultants who don’t possess coding skills (or have basic coding skills) and wanting to transform businesses by leveraging AI.
  • Visionary business owners who want to harness the power of AI to maximize revenue, reduce costs and optimize their business.
  • AI Practitioners wanting to advance their careers and build their portfolio.
  • Tech enthusiasts who are passionate about AI and want to gain real-world practical experience.
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