MicroPython Mega Course: Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266 free download

What you’ll discover in MicroPython Mega Course: Construct IoT with Sensing Units and ESP8266

    Program IoT tools using MicroPython (Python for Microcontrollers) Build IoTSensor Interfacing with ESP8266: Light, Temperature and Humidity SensingActuator Interfacing with ESP8266Hardware (Electronic Devices) InterfacingUse IoT Cloud to Upload Data (Collect) Use IoT Cloud to Use Problem (Analysis) Act on IoT Information (Act)


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Learn MicroPython from Scratch,

No prior shows expertise is called for


In this training course, you will learn to

Program ESP8266 with Micro Python

Configuring Language to

  1. Access GPIOs (Blinking LEDs, Using Pull Up resistors, Interfacing Switch).

  2. Manage Interrupts.

  3. Usage Inbuilt Analog to Digital Converter.

  4. Read Temperature Level, Light, Humidity Sensors (LDR, LM35, DHT).

  5. Adjust Setting with Actuators.

  6. Upload Information to IoT Cloud.

  7. Read Information from IoT Cloud.

  8. Control Devices utilizing IoT Information.

  9. Implement House Automation.

This course is designed for.


with very little or no programs knowledge. The program will begin by determining the.

distinctions in between micropython and other programming languages.

targetted for low computing devices such as.

ESP8266 or ESP32 etc.

. After that you will discover to set up the IDE for MIcroPython, in this course we have made use of.


however you can your other IDEs as well. The target gadget for developing.

Internet of Points Tools (IoT).

is ESP8266 -.


You will certainly learn about the various functions of ESP8266, its pin configuration, its hardware capabilities, and also various other essential criteria which are needed to develop IoT devices.

After that the training course will progressively prepare and also you will certainly be able to.

user interface easy tools such as LED, Switches Over with ESP8266 NODEMCU.

. You will likewise learn the concept of.


and its importance in the field of ingrained systems as well as IoT, you will certainly additionally do.

hands-on experiments on interrupts.

Currently the program will certainly additionally gain its pace as well as you will certainly find.

analog to digital converter.

and you will certainly learn to user interface analog sensors such as.

Light-dependent Resistors (LDR), LM35 Temperature sensor,.

with NODEMCU as well as obtain values from these sensing units.

Pulse size modulation (PWM).

is a really essential idea which uses lots of commercial applications, we will certainly learn to produce to PWM wave with variable obligation cycle and variable frequency, we will certainly also discover to regulate the brightness of LED utilizing PWM.

The next idea is.


where we will certainly learn to send codes or other information to our NODEMCU.


without attaching NODEMCU to your PC. This opens lots of application locations.

Right here we will certainly likewise learn about.


utilizing which we will certainly able to manage AC devices like Light bulb or Follower etc. We will likewise discover DHT11 which is another sensor to review the temperature level, it is additionally utilized to read humidity.

From below we will.

move in the direction of creating IoT tools.

First, you will certainly discover to link your tool with Gain access to Point, after that you will certainly learn more about the.

cloud Platform “ThingSpeak”.

below you will learn to develop an account on ThingSpeak,.

produce channels to submit information, upload data making use of a computer system browser to your thingspeak network. Get data from the cloud to your NODEMCU tool.

Currently you will develop a project.

Residence Automation.

using your ESP8266 NODEMCU. In this project you will certainly discover to send temperature data to the cloud, the cloud will examine the temperature level information as well as will certainly send a command to other distant situated gadgets.

Conclusion: This course is for novices as well as it will certainly give you a good beginning to your trip of Web of Things, and also in this procedure, you will learn a programs Language “MicroPython”, You will discover to interface Sensing units, and also actuators (hardware) with your ESP8266 tool.

Pleased Understanding!!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner with little or no prior knowledge of electronics & programming curious about designing IoT systems themselves
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