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The most comprehensive course on this subject on Udemy! Learn to properly pronounce and chant the sound OM (AUM) The most sacred syllable in the world. It holds in it the Shakti, the power of the entire universe . Learn Meditation, Chanting & YogaNidra with OM . Learn to use OM correctly during your meditation and yoga practice . Discover secret techniques that involve the mantra OM . Discover the secrets of the sound and symbol of ॐ (OM/AUM), and learn how to use it correctly . Learn how to chant the sounds of OM and how to meditate with the mantra of OM . Get your Yoga Alliance Continued Education Certification upon completion .

What you’ll find out in Reflections with OM (AUM) – Recognized training course

  1. Understand the tricks of the audio as well as symbol of ॐ (OM/AUM)
  2. Learn to use OM correctly throughout your meditation as well as yoga method
  3. Learn to properly articulate as well as chant the audio OM (AUM)
  4. Discover Trick techniques that entail the rule OM
  5. Learn Reflection, Chanting & & YogaNidra with OM
  6. Study from the traditional messages on OM
  7. Most extensive program on OM on Udemy
  8. Yoga Alliance Proceeded Education and learning Accreditation upon completion


The most extensive program on this subject on Udemy!

ॐ – Om – Aum

The most spiritual syllable worldwide. It holds in it the Shakti, the power of the entire universe.In this program I will delve to the profound depths of OM, I will certainly instruct you the secret techniques to utilize OM.Did you know that actually OM, must be pronounced AUM?This will certainly be the initial lesson, I will teach you how to pronounce this concept properly, to unlock it’s sacred power.I will instruct you just how to compose this sacred icon, and just how to practice meditation in this process.You will find out the advantages of practicing meditation with Aum, how it impacts your mind, your body & & soul.I will certainly show you the true beginnings of this mantra, based upon study, history, and misconception. I will certainly go as deep into this topic as the deepest scholars in the world.I will review with you from the conventional scriptures, so you will certainly obtain first hand experience of understanding what the tradition truly says.We will research from the Vedas, From the Chandogya Upanishad, & & from the Mandukya Upanishad.You will learn about the states of consciousness attached to A-U-M & & Exactly how to open them.I will certainly instruct you exactly how to effectively meditate with this mantra.I will certainly educate you Japa, Concentration & & Yoganidra with AUM.I will provide you the secret trainings of the Uchara of AUM which you will just discover in covert tantric messages.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Yoga & Meditation, from absolute beginners, to advanced teachers.
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