Mastering RTOS: Hands on FreeRTOS and STM32Fx with Debugging Free Download

Mastering RTOS is a book that provides focused, hands on lessons about working with FreeRTOS and a free download of a complete Open Source STM32Fx FreeRTOS port test it’s more than just a book – it’s a complete list of questions and answers to help you pass the certification exam. As you would expect from a book specifically written about FreeRTOS, there are five chapters of material covering everything from fundamentals to advanced topics such as UDP communication and low power design. In addition, each chapter includes exercises based on the book’s example projects so you can write your own driver from scratch.

What you’ll learn in Mastering RTOS: Hands on FreeRTOS and STM32Fx with Debugging

  1. Using FreeRTOS Programming and Debugging to learn about various RTOS concepts
  2. Using the OpenSTM32 System Workbench, learn how to run FreeRTOS on STM32 MCUs in detail.
  3. To configure peripherals, use STM32 Standard Peripheral Driver APIs.
  4. With code examples, learn how to create, delete, and schedule FreeRTOS tasks.
  5. The FreeRTOS Scheduler’s important scheduling policies
  6. Heap Management in FreeRTOS Stack
  7. Using semaphores in the correct way to synchronize tasks.
  8. Semaphores are a good way to synchronize a task and an interrupt.
  9. Multiple events and a task that are synchronized
  10. Creation, sending, receiving, blocking, and other aspects of FreeRTOS queue management
  11. Using Mutex services and semaphores, implement mutual exclusion between Tasks.
  12. With in-depth code explanations, you’ll be able to comprehend Context Switching.
  13. Line by line analysis of architecture-specific codes such as SVC_handler, PendSV_handler, and SysTick Handler
  14. The kernel Tick timer will be discussed, as well as its importance, kernel tick frequency, and configuration details.
  15. Understanding the entire ARM Cortex M and FreeRTOS Priority model, as well as its associated configuration data
  16. SEGGER SystemView Software is used to debug FreeRTOS.
  17. There are numerous articles that explain the ARM Cortex M specific FreeRTOS architecture codes line by line.
  18. In the FreeRTOS scenario, a low-power instruction is used.
  19. There are numerous coding challenges.
  20. Using the SEGGER software toolkit to debug a problem by taking snapshots and recording in continuous mode

  • Knowledge of C and microcontrollers is a plus, but it isn’t required.


>> Programming and Debugging in FreeRTOS: The Complete Course
SEGGER SystemView Trace tools for RTOS debugging, STM32 hal. Peripheral APIs, and more examples have been added in the most recent update.
This course comes with closed captioning (CCs) and transcripts.

Beginners to Advanced students will benefit from this course.


Who this course is for:

  • Professionals interested in exploring Embedded systems
  • Hobbyists and students who want to start their career in Embedded world
  • RTOS Beginners and Intermediate students
  • If you think about ’embedded’ then think about taking this course. you will not be disappointed
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