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Today Airbnb is the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company helping people book unique accommodations around the world – anytime, anywhere. It feels a lot like a big hotel chain but it is actually a collection of places, from entire homes and apartments to private rooms of all kinds. There are many positive sides to AirBnB staying, from experiencing local neighborhoods of a city you visit to meeting interesting people. In this article we suggest some of the most popular cities on the platform based on the popularity of their listings. However, each city has its own unique experience, so if you have the chance visit London, Berlin or Barcelona by all means do so!

What you’ll learn in Mastering Airbnb | Learn from SF’s top host, 100+ lectures

  1. Make a rental income of up to $250 per night by renting out your spare room.
  2. Make up to $600 per night by renting out your entire home.
  3. Price your listing to get bookings even if you don’t have any reviews.
  4. Examine the competition to determine the marketability of your listing.
  5. Improve the value of your listing by identifying and adding amenities.
  6. Without the help of a professional photo team, take Airbnb-quality photos.
  7. Pick the one that piques your interest the most.
  8. Tips for enhancing your listing’s photos with free software
  9. Find out how you can get your AirBNB listing featured.
  10. How to get to the top of the AirBNB search results
  11. Create listing Descriptions that entice potential customers to book.
  12. Create the ideal space’s attention-getting title.
  13. Cleaning fees and nightly minimums should be set correctly.
  14. Determine the best cleaning plan for the long term.
  15. Take advantage of house rules and additional person fees.
  16. Other sources of income, such as VRBO and Roomorama, can help you increase your earnings.
  17. Allow your Airbnb to run without you while you’re away from home.
  18. Limit and choose guest interaction to avoid burnout.
  19. Find out how to get 5-star reviews in a fun (and cheap) way.
  20. Reduce incident rates by 80% by identifying the moving parts of your listing and identifying the moving parts of your listing and identifying the moving parts of your listing
  21. For extra help and automation, integrate useful (and free) Airbnb tools.
  22. Use your reviews correctly to avoid 90% of negative reviews
  23. Use the “additional amenities” strategy to snag bookings you might have missed otherwise.
  24. Keep track of your homesharing taxes and make sure you’re following IRS rules.
  25. Learn how to network and have a good time with your visitors.


  • Students should be willing to try new things and keep an open mind.
  • An understanding of AirBNB is beneficial but not required.
  • You’ll need access to a computer with iPhoto or Windows Live Gallery installed.
  • It is beneficial, but not necessary, to have access to a camera or camera phone.
  • A half-day’s work will be required to create a listing and begin earning money.


When you searched for 3 guests in San Francisco, my property was officially number one, out of 5,000 listings. Join over 11,000 students who have taken this 16-hour course with over 300 five-star reviews.

%22Fantastic Investment. I signed up for this course when it first came out a little more than a month ago. I was already a host but I was in what Evan called the

It may sound absurd, but I was paid $260 per day to simply not be in my apartment.
Airbnb lets you rent out your spare room or entire space for money, and the company has been growing like wildfire. Airbnb now has over 350,000 hosts, who are just ordinary people, renting their spaces in over 192 countries, and they’ve booked over 10 million rental nights in homes, apartments, rooms, and spaces just like yours.

On average, I spent about 4 hours per week handling guests, maintaining the space, and everything else involved in renting out my space on Airbnb, and I made between $4,000 and $5,000 per month on a typical month, and between $7,000 and $10,000 per month if I was traveling.

When I first started hosting on AirBNB, I thought to myself, “What the heck, it’s worth a shot.” I had recently moved to San Francisco and had signed a large one-year lease for an apartment that cost $3,000 per month, not to mention being self-employed with a business that ebbs and flows. What if I had a bad month and couldn’t make rent? A horrible feeling that most of us have experienced.

To be clear, the spaces on Airbnb aren’t hotel-quality; they’re spare bedrooms, living rooms, empty condos, spare family homes, and any other type of dwelling you can imagine.
Do you have extra space where you live? Do you ever leave for the weekend or go home for the holidays? Can you crash at a significant other’s for the weekend? If you’re like me, or really anyone else, I’m sure you can think of a time when you had unused space. You could be missing out on a significant amount of money. Money that could make a significant difference in your life.

The following are some of the topics covered in the course:
– How to rent your spare room or space for up to $5,000 per month, or your entire space for up to $10,000 per month, step-by-step.
– Everything you need to know about the process before you get started so you can get started right away

– How to make your listing stand out, from photos to thumbnails to listing Descriptions
– Every strategy I used to triple my booking inquiries in a single month
– How to keep your weekly rental work to 3-4 hours
– How to virtually guarantee each guest’s 5-star rating

– And there’s a lot more; this course contains over 100 lectures and 13 hours of content.
Here are a few typical inquiries:

Yes, anyone can do it; Airbnb operates in 192 countries and even in cities with populations of less than 10,000 people, and I’ll show you how to succeed in any situation with my course.
What if my living quarters aren’t particularly appealing?

What happens if I don’t own my space and instead rent it?
You can rent out your space even if you don’t own it, even if you don’t believe you have enough space, even if you believe your city is too small.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in the sharing economy.
  • Anyone who travels out of town frequently or even occasionally.
  • Anyone who wants an out-of-the-box way to fund their lifestyle, freelance career, or business venture.
  • Anyone who has an extra room in their apartment / home.
  • This course is not limited to students from big cities: AirBNB is all over the world in cities as small as 20,000 people.
  • Anyone not willing to put a couple hours of work into putting their listing up is not encouraged to take this course.
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