Manage Finance Data with Python & Pandas: Unique Masterclass free download

Manage Finance Data with Python & Pandas: Unique Masterclass . Step into Financial Analyst role and give advice on a client´s financial Portfolio (Final Project) Import large Financial Datasets / historical Prices from Web Sources and analyze, aggregate and visualize them . Calculate Return, Risk, Correlation and Rolling Statistics for Stocks, Indexes and Portfolios . Create Interactive Price Charts with Technical Indicators (Volume, OHLC, Candlestick, SMA etc.) Create Financial Indexes (price-, equal- and value-weighted) and understand the difference between Price Return and Total Return . Intuitively understand Modern Portfolio Theory (CAPM, Beta, Alpha, CML, SML, Risk Diversification)

What you’ll discover in Manage Money Information with Python & & Pandas: Special Masterclass

  1. Enter the Financial Expert duty as well as provide guidance on a customer ´ s monetary Portfolio (Final Project)
  2. Import big Financial Datasets/ historic Costs from Internet Resources and examine, aggregate and also picture them
  3. Calculate Return, Risk, Relationship and Rolling Statistics for Supplies, Indexes and Portfolios
  4. Produce, examine and maximize financial Profiles as well as understand using the Sharpe Ratio
  5. With ease recognize Modern Portfolio Concept (CAPM, Beta, Alpha, CML, SML, Threat Diversity) with Real Information examples
  6. Create Interactive Rate Charts with Technical Indicators (Volume, OHLC, Candle holder, SMA and so on)
  7. Create Financial Indexes (rate-, equivalent- and value- heavy) and recognize the difference between Price Return and Complete Return
  8. Quickly change in between daily, weekly, regular monthly and also annual returns as well as recognize the advantages of log returns
  9. Start from Absolutely no as well as discover all the Essentials of the powerful Pandas Library


The Money and Financial investment Industry is experiencing a significant adjustment driven by ever-increasing processing power & & connection as well as the intro of effective Artificial intelligence devices. The Money as well as Investment Sector is more and more changing from a math/formula-based organization to a data-driven business.

What can you do to keep up?

Despite if you wish to dive deep into Artificial intelligence, or if you simply wish to raise productivity at the office when managing Financial Information, there is the extremely first and essential step: Leave Excel behind and also manage your Financial Information with Python and Pandas!

Pandas is the Excel for Python as well as learning Pandas from scratch is almost as easy as finding out Excel. Pandas seems to be a lot more complicated at a first look, as it merely uses so much a lot more functionalities. The operations you are made use of to do with Excel can be performed with Pandas more successfully. Pandas is a top-level coding library where all the hardcore coding things with lots of coding lines are running automatically in the background. Pandas procedures are commonly carried out in one line of code! Nevertheless, it is essential to find out and master Pandas in a manner that

Who this course is for:

  • Investment & Finance Professionals who want to transition from Excel into Python to boost their careers and working efficiency.
  • (Finance) Students and Researchers who need to handle large datasets and reached the limits of Excel.
  • Data Scientists who want to improve their Data Handling/Manipulation skills (in particular for Time Series Data)
  • Everyone who want to step into (Financial) Data Science. Pandas is Key to everything.
  • Everyone curious about how Financial Performance is measured and how (Stock) Indexes and Portfolios are created, analyzed, visualized and optimized. It´s the easiest way to understand the concepts with data examples rather than theories and formulas.
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