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The demand for Testing Tools that ensure the Quality of software products has increased in recent years. With the introduction of Microservices Architecture, integration testing has become a common part of the Testing Life Cycle. But, to take a step further in this direction, a Programming Model should be introduced which helps in self -testing and self-integration of the application. These kind of problems have been addressed by incorporating The Spring Boot Testing Framework. This framework can help from writing from scratch from writing from scratch all kinds of Integration Tests for its APIs. In this free course, you will find out how to integrate your web components with your microservices through cloud-based integration tests.

What you’ll learn in Learn integration testing with Spring Boot

  1. You’ll gain a better understanding of testing as a result of this course.
  2. Using Spring Boot, you’ll be able to write better integration tests.
  3. Will learn about the Spring Boot tools that make writing integration tests a breeze.
  4. Will learn how to write database and rest API integration tests.


  • Java knowledge is required.
  • Spring and Spring Boot are two terms that you must be familiar with.
  • Junit is a must-have.


The course itself
This course focuses on improving software quality through integration testing, as the job market demands more and more professionals who are knowledgeable about software quality.
You will be able to comprehend and develop integration tests in Spring Boot-based applications by the end of this course.

Software bugs cost the US economy $59.5 billion in 2002, according to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology in Portuguese).
Companies are increasingly seeking to improve the quality of their products in order to gain more trust from their customers and from the market, which is extremely competitive, as well as looking for ways to cut costs.

Why is it called Spring, and why is it called Spring Boot?
Spring is a popular framework in the workplace; many businesses, large and small, use it, and Spring Boot was created to make Spring more user-friendly.
What makes you want to take this class?

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers, analysts and architects who want to learn more about Spring Boot integration testing
  • Test developers and analysts who want to learn or improve their knowledge of Spring Boot integration testing
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