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Learn Arduino from scratch (2022) This course is based on an online simulator called Tinkercad . You may also take this course with an Arduino board and electronic components . All the codes and circuits I talked about in the course will work as well for the Arduino board as for the online simulator . The course is for electronics enthusiasts, engineering students, and all students who would like to learn Arduino . It is for students who are interested in electronics enthusiasts and engineering students . The courses include five Arduino projects, Arduino programming concepts, Arduino functions, Arduino libraries and how to use the Arduino library . All of the information you learn about in this course will be available in print or online .

What you’ll discover in Learn Arduino from scratch (2022)

  1. Five Arduino Projects
  2. Arduino Sensors and also Modules
  3. Electronic parts
  4. Tinkercad online simulator
  5. Arduino Shows principles
  6. Arduino circuits
  7. Arduino Functions, Control Statements and also Loops
  8. Arduino Libraries


This training course is for electronics enthusiasts, design pupils, and also all trainees who want to discover Arduino from the ground up. This training course is based upon an on-line simulator called Tinkercad.
You may additionally take this training course with an Arduino board and also electronic parts. All the codes and circuits I talked about in the program will certainly work too for the Arduino board as for the on the internet simulator.

1. Arduino Platform2. Arduino board and pin configuration3. On the internet simulator Tinkercad4. Digital Elements: Resistors, LEDs, Motors, Diode, Transistors, MOSFET, Change, Battery, Breadboard, RGB LEDs, LDR, and also many more.5. Multimeter as well as Its uses6. Power Supply7. Arduino Data Kind and Variables8. Interfacing LEDs and Button with Arduino9. Pull-up and also Pull-down resistors10. Serial Collection as well as Its functions11. Control the brightness of an LED making use of a potentiometer and also Arduino12. Control declarations and operators13. Arduino Digital as well as Analog Functions14. Ranges and for Loop15. Sorts Of 7-segment Displays16. Functions17. Switch-case statement18. Arduino Libraries as well as how to utilize them19. Flex sensor20. Buzzer21. Ultrasonic Sensor22. 16×2 LCD23. Electric Motor Motorist L293D

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Arduino from scratch
  • Engineering Students
  • Electronics Hobbyist
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