Kubernetes Hands-On – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud free download

Kubernetes Hands-On – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud . Use the ELK Stack (Elastic Stack); Kibana and ElasticSearch to analyze system-wide logs . Use Helm to manage charts and update your YAML . Use Prometheus and Grafana to monitor a live Kubernees cluster using Prometheus . The course isn’t about how to design Microservices (although we’ll certainly be talking about that); the development work is done and we need to get the system running on a production cluster . You can do the first part of the course on your local development computer (PC/Mac/Laptop) The second part moves to the cloud .

What you’ll discover in Kubernetes Hands-On – Deploy Microservices to the AWS Cloud

  1. Deploy containers to a Kubernetes Cluster
  2. Run Kubernetes in AWS utilizing either EKS or Kops
  3. Screen a live Kubernetes cluster making use of Prometheus as well as Grafana
  4. Analyse system-wide logs making use of the ELK Heap (ElasticStack); Kibana and ElasticSearch
  5. Handle Alerts in a Kubernetes cluster by alerting Slack Channels
  6. Understand just how Requests and also Restrictions operate in Kubernetes
  7. Use Kubernetes Horizontal Hull Autoscaling
  8. Configure Ingress Control on a live Kubernetes implementation
  9. Understand Kubernetes StatefulSets
  10. Integrate Kubernetes with a Continuous Deployment System (CD)
  11. Usage Helm to Manage Charts and also to Dynamically Update your Kubernetes YAML


Kubernetes is among the hottest topics today, and also engineers with Kubernetes skills are in big demand.
Obtain those skills with this program! It’s is a fantastic chance to service an actual Kubernetes project, as well as to get yourself to a high professional requirement on genuine projects.

The system is a Microservice-based design, as well as in the process, we’ll consider design choices and also compromises you need to make when managing these complex systems. Keep in mind the program isn’t regarding just how to create Microservices (although we’ll definitely be speaking about that); the development job is done and we need to obtain the system running on a manufacturing cluster.

You can do the initial part of the training course on your regional growth computer system (PC/Mac/Laptop). The 2nd component (from Phase 13 onwards) transfers to the cloud. You’ll utilize an actual AWS account, and we consent to set up keeping an eye on with the ELK/Elastic Stack and also keep track of with Prometheus as well as Grafana.

I’ve designed this program for a vast target market – whether you’re a DevOps engineer, a programmer, or if you’re rather new to the entire field, I’ll clarify every little thing in the process. Simply some basic expertise of dealing with computers, as well as maybe a bit of command-line experience will certainly be adequate.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to use Kubernetes on live production projects
  • We will be using AWS in the later sections of the course (optional); all AWS concepts are explained so this is a great start if you’re new to the cloud, but be aware that AWS do charge for usage.
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