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Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch Free Download

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch free download

Ethical hacking is an extremely exciting career, which combines protection and detection methodologies with the use of the latest cyber security tools. Ethical hackers are essentially information technology professionals who test the security of network systems, software applications, servers or…

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PLC Fundamentals (Level I) Free Download

PLC Fundamentals (Level I) free download

PLC Fundamentals the most important courses for any process industry professional to master, regardless of their position or experience level. This is Level I of PLC Fundamentals, which provides a foundation of knowledge covering theory, terminology, definitions, advanced solid logic…

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Mastering the System Design Interview Free Download

Mastering the System Design Interview free download

An interview with Daniel Vacanti, the author of the bestselling books “Mastering the Coding Interview”, “Cracking the Coding Interview”, “Cracking the System Design Interview”, and “The Programming Interview Prep Book”. Dan spent his 10+ years of Software Engineering experience with…

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