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The best form of business right now is a high ticket product or online service, and the high ticket coaching academy will assist you succeed in this type of business.
“I quit my job and made £4000 in my first month…“

When I became a Hypnotherapist, I assumed that all I had to do was notify people, and there would be a queue out the door! That didn’t happen!
I had no idea how I was going to consistently attract enough consumers to cover my expenses.

I was working the entire day and only had two or three hypnotherapy clients. Requesting £60 for a 90-minute meeting made me feel ashamed!
Did you have any reservations about helping out?
I was nervous about taking on additional financial duty, especially because I’m already overburdened. How would I be able to overcome it? I screamed my eyes out and then joined!

Can high ticket coaching academy change my life ?

I did whatever it took to get it started, working my tail off and earning £4,000 a month!

It’s very remarkable. The program’s assistance is excellent. Having a sense of responsibility keeps you going and has a huge impact.

I’ve just submitted my notice and given the organization a half-year notice on the plan to reduce to a three-day workweek, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to make up the £20,000 shortfall.
What advice would you provide to others?

It’s a terrifying option, but it’ll completely change your life! Carry out your responsibilities!
M-Hypnotherapist David M-Hypnotherapist David M-Hypno
“I’m on track to make my first £15,000 in a month…“

What was your life like before?
Between my collecting classes and a mix of 1-1 PT and 1-1 football training, I was bringing in around £1200 per month. I was also a footballer and a PE instructor at the time, so I was earning around £3500 per month while working all week.

Did you have any reservations about helping out?
What has changed since Lucy and the group trained?

Following a half year, I earned £7000 in April working roughly 12 hours per week, but what was absolutely amazing was that I earned £9000 in May while spending fourteen days in Argentina on vacation!

This month, I’m on track for my first five-figure month, so £15,000 a month if everything goes according to plan, and I’m doing around 10 hours of administration conveyance per seven-day stretch.

What advice would you provide to others?
“I’m currently making $10,000 per month and working 30 hours per week…“
What was your life like before?
Prior to putting resources into instructing with Lucy and Mark, I was making a decent living doing roughly 20 hours of customer service and another 20 hours of promoting, administration, and reaching out to clients, among other things.

I tracked down the free data I received prior to contributing truly moving – it talked to me, I was on the same frequency as Lucy, and I realized that with my confidence to advance to a higher level in business, all I needed was the right instructing to help, educate, and guide me, which I particularly needed at the time.

Did you have any reservations about helping out?
No, I couldn’t hold on long enough to join.
What has changed while you’ve been training Lucy and the group?
Working with Lucy and the group taught me a lot because it was difficult for me to properly kick energy when I was off, but once I did, I’m now extremely pleased with the results.

All parts of the program have benefits, but the facegroup was the most beneficial for me because I could check in regularly for guidance/motivation or offer exhortation and stir others.

I’m now making $10,000 per month while working 30 hours with customers (which is my favorite part!) and only 10 hours on marketing, administration, and other projects.
What advice would you provide to others?

My genuine advice to anyone reading this is to take care of business! Make an investment in yourself. Pay attention to the instructions! Be a hard worker! You’ll also be able to see the results.

Personal Trainer Michael B.
“I earn £12,000 every month working four hours a day…“

What was your life like before?
I needed to expand a business beyond myself because I was having trouble working long hours, had previously failed to grow a business, and needed to nail it this time. On a good month, I’d make £2k and only pay more as bills arose. Customers turned my life upside down. Long days that were both ineffective and perplexing.

Did you have any reservations about helping out?
I was having tremendous doubts about collaborating with Lucy. I didn’t have any money on me! I was under a lot of pressure, and I’d already invested time and money in a course that hadn’t worked out. Whatever the case may be, I did it because I knew another individual who had worked well with her, and I’m glad I did!

What has changed while you’ve been training Lucy and the group?
Last month, we made over $8,500 on one offer and $4,500 on the other, for a total of $12,000. I currently work about 4 hours every day and only run a few administrative errands.

What advice would you provide to others?
Actually, I was underwater; I was afraid it wouldn’t work for me, but I believed with the correct training, I could progress. Lucy has encouraged me to focus on the area that I enjoy, and assuming you need a genuine way of life plan and a business that you enjoy, it’s a simple decision.

Jake W. is a personal trainer that specializes in helping people achieve their goals.
Now is the time to sign up for your free online training!
“Every month, I procure £6,000…“

What was your life like before?
I was doing ‘okay.’ I had given up my regular job to work on my business, but I was working all hours of the day and night and was continuously exhausted and depleted. I thought I was still afloat.

Did you have any reservations about donating?
I was making a regular £2k per month and felt debilitated after enrolling in the program. I began to feel guilty about squandering my hard-earned money. However, I quickly realized that this was not the case, and that the assistance I would receive would allow me to increase my pay and expand my business.

What has changed while you’ve been training Lucy and the group?
Before I go into detail about the program, I’d like to point out something I found to be revolutionary: the program’s participants. I don’t feel so alone any longer, and I know where to turn if I require assistance. The educational plan is fantastic, but unless you have the correct mentality to put all of that terrific stuff to use, you’ll only obtain half of what the program has to offer.

What has changed since Lucy and the group trained?
Currently, I am earning £6,000 per month, and I only work Monday through Thursday, with the help of a VA!

Melanie C is a Pilates instructor.
“I recently had my best month ever, earning £9700, and I’m currently working four days a week!”

What was your life like before?
Prior to working with Mark and Lucy, I was squandering time and becoming increasingly perplexed. I was a rambunctious jerk. I didn’t feel like I was making any progress. Every month, I was bringing in £3000.

I spent 40-50 hours a week with clients and another 10-15 on administrative tasks.
Did you have any reservations about assisting?
I had no reservations about investing resources in the initiative. My friend (Jake) was a participant in the program at the time, and I watched him build an extraordinarily profitable business in a short period of time. It felt natural, and it was a fantastic decision.

What has changed since Lucy and the group trained?You have a lot of help, whether it’s from the online community, a Facebook group, or mentors who give you the confidence to aim higher and higher.
After a half year, I recently had my best month ever, earning £9700, and I’m now working four days a week!

What advice would you provide to others?
So, if you’re thinking about investing in yourself, it’s the best bet you can make, so don’t think about the larger picture and just go with your instincts.

Phil E – Physiotherapist/Pain Reliever
“I recently hit $6,000 per month!”
What was your life like before?
I was overwhelmed and perplexed because I previously had a business that was up and running, but it was a disaster; it was all over the place, and despite the fact that it was making $3000 per month, it was such a rushed operation that I had doubts about whether it was good because it was taking control of my life.

Did you have any reservations about helping out?
I was hesitant because I had previously worked with business mentors and found that only a small percentage of them could actually help me achieve my goals, and I was worried that this would happen again. However, what drove me to put everything on the line was the fact that I simply needed help from someone who had already accomplished what I was attempting to do.

Being a part of this training enables you to figure out how to accomplish and test promoting, as well as comprehend what prompts what and rehash those examples to get to where you need to go with your income. That has given me the courage to spend more on advertising since there is no harm in spending a lot on advertising if you know that if you put “this much” into it, “this much more” will come out.

What has changed while you’ve been training Lucy and the group?
After a few months, I’ve finally reached $6000 each month!
T-Dance Anna
“Our turnover has doubled since we started the program…“
What was your life like before?

I had recently departed my employed job after working and running my business side by side for a year, while also performing other freelance jobs to keep constant revenue coming in. Every month, I had no idea if I would be able to cover my bills, and I had no idea how to bring any consumers into my business; I just assumed they would magically appear! I was cramming as many hours as I could between my business and other freelance work, seven days a week, long days when I’d back rub or teach classes after other jobs. I was probably making approximately £800-1000 per month and taking home less than £700-800.
Did you have any reservations about donating?

If I’m being honest, when it came to investing resources on a program with Lucy, I couldn’t say whether it would work for me… In any case, I’d realized when watching the free preparing that I had no idea what I was doing or how I may actually succeed with it. I had no idea how to go about trying to keep a business running; in fact, I don’t think I really realized I was running one! So when it came time to invest resources in the program, I was ready to jump in and give it a shot. It was frightening at first, but I soon understood that it felt natural.

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