Helm – The Kubernetes package manager hands-on course Free Download

Kubernetes, the open source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications, has quickly become one of the hottest technologies in software development. It is now the industry standard and offers a proven and powerful way to manage application deployments at scale, and is therefore a critical component of modern companies’ technology stacks.

What you’ll learn in Helm – The Kubernetes package manager hands-on course

  1. Minikube is used to deploy Helm on Kubernetes.
  2. Automating popular app deployments with Helm repositories
  3. Making your own Helm repositories and charts
  4. Discover how to use Helm to safely rollback failed deployments.
  5. Helm can be integrated with Jenkins, Github actions, and Bitbucket pipelines, among other popular CI/CD tools.
  6. Using the Go template engine, you can build powerful Helm templates.
  7. Automate complex tasks with Helm plugins.
  8. Create your own Helm plugins to meet your unique Requirements.


  • Access to a Kubernetes cluster (in the labs, we use minikube) on an administrative level
  • Kubernetes and kubectl commands are fundamental knowledge.
  • Linux and shell experience are required.
  • Basic Docker commands are familiarity
  • Understanding the YAML format at a fundamental level
  • On a laptop, go over the course material and practice the commands with me.


Deployments, Services, Ingresses, ConfigMaps, and other Kubernetes manifest files are all packed into a Helm chart, which can then be deployed to a Kubernetes cluster using apt-get in Ubuntu or brew on macOS.
You’ll have a working knowledge of Helm after completing this course, and you’ll be able to automate the most complex Kubernetes deployments and contribute them to the community, in addition to using ready-made Helm Charts to automate day-to-day deployments.

To get the most out of this course, I strongly advise you to open your laptop and complete the labs that I discuss in class; there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty to learn a new tool or technology, and by the end of it, you’ll be able to develop, apply, maintain, and even share your own Helm charts.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring DevOps students who want to add Helm to their tool sets
  • Ops staff who need to speed up and control complex Kubernetes deployments
  • Developers who are tasked with deploying their apps to Kubernetes and need to automate the process
  • Kubernetes students who want to get hands-on experience with Helm
  • IT managers who need to assess the value of Helm as a tool to be adopted in their teams
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