Fundamentals of Insurance – 1 Free Download

The Fundamentals of Insurance – 1 Free Download is the easiest course on the internet that will give you a thorough understanding of insurance. No insurance course can be complete without touching on the fundamentals. These topics are essential to all areas of insurance, so if you’re looking to get your footing in this industry, there is no better place to start than here. The best part of startupcourses is not just how simple it is to follow these courses but also how each lesson has been broken down into video, audio and PDF format.

What you’ll learn in Fundamentals of Insurance – 1

  1. Basic Insurance Principles


  • No prior experience or knowledge is necessary for this course.


This course is for those who need a strong foundation in insurance; the information in this course is designed to prepare its participants to understand the concept and build a strong structure of this field from the concept. This course is part 1 of the fundamentals of insurance; you do not need any prior experience to attend this course; this course is the first step in the journey to learn the fundamentals of insurance.

This course is the foundation of the concept of insurance and is one of ten courses designed to put you on the right track in your career.
The Targeted Audience is a group of people who have been identified as being interested
The following people would benefit from this course:

No prior experience or knowledge is necessary for this course.
Aims of the Course:
Understand the basics of insurance, including risk awareness and risk assessment, the definition of risk, risk definitions, risk attitudes, risk management and risk management functions, risk control types, insurance, risk classification, and insurance principals.

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Job seekers
  • Work in insurance
  • Secretary
  • Call center agent
  • Sales staff
  • Underwriting beginners
  • Claim personnel beginners
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