From Wire to PLC , A Bootcamp In Industrial Automation Free Download

There are several types of computer systems used in industrial automation. From Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) which enhance the quality of equipment performance, these computer systems can significantly boost your company’s productivity. The following is a list of everything one needs to know about industrial automation, presented through an easy-to-understand tabular format with references to complex concepts like microcontrollers and software. The accompanying demo video will demonstrate how each concept can be applied in real life. The topics in this book range from the way computers behave when you switch them on to task development that allows for better control in plant automation.

What you’ll learn in From Wire to PLC , A Bootcamp In Industrial Automation

  1. From A to Z: Design Factory Automation
  2. Electric Panels for Design Automation
  3. Make electrical panel schematics.
  4. For any project, you can calculate the cable sizes.
  5. Control circuits for motors to drive
  6. Learn how to use a variable frequency drive (VFD) and get some hands-on experience.
  7. Learn how to use a ladder diagram (LD) to program a PLC.
  8. Learn how to program a PLC with Functional Blocks (FB).
  9. Structured Text (ST) is used to program PLCs.
  10. Learn how to use a Continuous Flow Chart (CFC) to program a PLC.
  11. Create a HMI (Human User Interface).
  12. Electrical panel safety is designed.
  13. Discover the various types of sensors used in industry.

  • Prior knowledge is not required, but some basic programming and circuits knowledge is beneficial but not required.


***11/17/ 2021 UPDATED**
**** Allen Bradley Training*** has been added to the mix.
***11/28/ 2021 ** ***UPDATE**
**** There is a tutorial for the classic control simulation software***
***14/11/ 2021 *** ***Updated***
An interpretation section for single-line diagrams has been added.

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Control Eningineers
  • Computer Engineers
  • Industrial Engineeres
  • Anybody willing to learn a new profession from scratch
  • Anybody enthused about factory automation design
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