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“Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Program – IAM” is a unique concept that can help to transform every aspect of one’s life . Through IAM one can improve health on all levels and ultimately achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and wellbeing . This program is accredited by the “International Association of Therapists – IAOTH” and is internationally recognized! Graduates of this program are eligible for membership of this association at a great discount . Learn effective holistic tools to guide your clients Release negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and jealousy Let go of negative thought patterns . Become aware and feel your aura Learn proper deep breathing techniques .

What you’ll find out in Energy Healing & & Meditation Teacher/Practitioner, Accredited

  1. End up being a certified Energy Healer & & Meditation Teacher/Practitioner
  2. The IAM Recovering program can be used internationally in any kind of component of the globe!
  3. Discover effective alternative tools to lead your customers
  4. Release adverse feelings such as anger, concern, unhappiness and jealousy
  5. Let go of adverse thought patterns
  6. Trigger your power facilities (chakras)
  7. Realise and also feel your mood
  8. Learn appropriate deep breathing methods
  9. Launch tension and also stress
  10. Balance your physical, psychological, mental as well as spiritual bodies
  11. Boost your relationship with family members
  12. Boost your spiritual consciousness
  13. A great program for Reiki specialists
  14. This program consists of an attunement
  15. Discover just how to do dynamic meditation
  16. Learn how to do remote healing

  • Be open and also ready to finding out easy and effective reflection as well as recovery methods
  • Devote a couple of minutes a day to practice healing and meditation


This program combines two basic disciplines to attain maximum as well as reliable outcomes, Healing and also Meditation. This “Internal Awakening Reflection & & Recovery Program – IAM” is an unique principle that can help to change every aspect of one’s life. With IAM one can improve health on all degrees and also eventually achieve physical, emotional, psychological and also spiritual equilibrium as well as wellbeing. This program will certainly offer you the understanding as well as tools to become a Power Therapist and also Meditation Coach/Practitioner. This program is recognized by the “International Organization of Therapists – IAOTH” and is globally recognized! Grads of this program are qualified for subscription of this association at a great price cut. If you are an expert of complimentary therapies, you are eligible for price cuts of approximately 70% for membership of this terrific organization. We motivate you to use the understanding gained from this program in your individual in addition to professional life as a coach/practitioner!

A great deal of individuals try to loosen up via social networks, television, alcohol consumption, over-eating, medications and look for different other means to air vent as well as destress. The function of a coach/practitioner is to offer an encouraging setting where the client feels completely satisfied with the expertise and ideas provided by the specialist. Clients should be given holistic strategies and sensible devices that can be used with the program of their lives.

This program also makes references to the understanding provided by various spiritual teachers, medical professionals, scientists, phd’s as well as researchers. There is a guided meditation with soft eastern songs in the background. There is a demonstration of an extremely straightforward and also powerful breathing strategy. You will certainly likewise discover very effective energy healing techniques that can extremely easily be shown to your customers! This is a complete program that utilizes diversified approaches to assist attain equilibrium on all degrees, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual!

IAM is an one-of-a-kind mix of easy dynamic meditations and also global power treatment. It permits everyone to change themselves along with others. What identifies IAM from various other systems is that it educates you just how to very first ended up being accustomed to your very own energies and then, how to use your very own distinct energy most properly for both meditation and also healing purposes.

Internal Awakening Reflection encourages you to do an easy dynamic meditation before you perform energy treatment on yourself and also others. The factor for this is to make sure that your own energy facilities, called chakras, are open and also flowing easily with no clogs in order to give optimal therapy. If you are experiencing substantial power blockages within you, this can influence your capability to send power therapy to others. The blockages include: anxiety, fear, anxiousness, rage, fear, personal disputes, trauma, anxiety and also various other psychological or psychological obstructions among others. Everybody experiences challenges in life and some on a daily basis. There are obstructions within each of us. A straightforward vibrant reflection can help clear clogs and encourage your energy to flow even more freely. This will additionally aid you to really feel much more kicked back and prepared for energy treatment.

An additional fantastic attribute of IAM is that it gets rid of the demand for physical touch. This approach may be a lot more comfortable for the individual offering the power treatment along with the receiver as it enables them to maintain a specialist range with each other. In some cases and cultures this is favored. Likewise, there is no tools called for and no demand to purchase expensive massage tables or benches with this simple method.

There is a saying: “When the student prepares, the teacher shows up.” That declaration most definitely puts on my experience of the Internal Awakening Program. Mohmood welcomes you to discover Universal Life Pressure in a new way. By applying his very own unique presents to the power job, he develops a vibrant series for meditation that is much more in-tune with the Requirements of the modern mind. Via this sequence we are able to access meditation in a new way!

Anne-Marie Rolfe, N.D. Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master – Stratford P.E.I.
What are the Conveniences of IAM?
This program provides multiple advantages on all levels. One of the most substantial advantage of this program is that it instructs the individual to focus on self-transformation along with sending power treatment to others. IAM provides a remarkable lorry for releasing tension and stress and anxiety. It permits the private to naturally release dangerous thoughts and emotions like temper, fear, envy as well as despondency. Similarly, energy treatment additionally aids to get rid of blockages from the body, mind as well as emotions, enhancing physical health and wellness and spiritual balance. Reflection raises power degrees by improving your breathing capacity and also boosting healthy blood circulation. It is common to have extensive spiritual experiences resulting in the accomplishment of increasing degrees of consciousness.

Inner Awakening Meditation is a great method to support your partnership with somebody you love. By trading power, you, your partner or enjoyed ones can available to learn more regarding one another as well as experience an also deeper, more intimate and spiritual link that would or else remain unknown. This is a wonderful program for pairs, families and friends that intend to transform with each other; growing mentally together while boosting the countless beautiful attributes of their connection.

“Stunning, marvelous, so easy and so deep! I loved the ease of this training right now as well as have simple access to the process at anytime! So happy! Thank-you Mohmood! Cheryl – Quebec”

Do you need aid with meditation? Have you heard about reflection and also do not recognize where to start? Or maybe you have tried to contemplate your very own but are not satisfied with the outcomes you are obtaining? Discover the right devices as well as strategies here!

Alternative Recovery & & Energy Healing
Are you seeking different techniques to aid on your own? Possibly you have listened to that energy job may be advantageous, but are not aware of just how to utilize the chakras appropriately to feel much better? Several are tired of looking for help from medical professionals and also drugs, as most do not give long-term remedies. And though the chakra system is rather prominent, it’s testing to locate the genuine mentors and strategies from a real master that can provide an irreversible and healing option.

You intend to be free from the pain as well as experiencing you have actually experienced throughout your life. You want and require recovery. It’s your time. We can provide the appropriate advice in your spiritual techniques.
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I received a remote healing from Mohmood and would certainly enjoy this possibility to share with you my experience. When the recovery started, I saw the colour indigo and also found myself feeling lighter as well as more kicked back. I strongly felt the energy coming out of my hands and also vibrations around to the point where I was somewhat rocking. I really felt that I desired that energy to go to all individuals that I like and that requirement recovery. At one factor I had a quick vision of God/Father-like figure flexing down telling me not to be worried. I really felt a great deal of love as well as beinged in the minute in total mindfulness of what I was experiencing in today; Simply overall receptivness to the recovery and staying in the minute. Mohmood really has a gift in recovery others as he led me to ease the anxiousness that I feel on a constant basis. I know if I adhere to this I will conquer this psychological obstacle in my life that I am determined to have actually recovered. Thanks Mohmood for giving me motivation that I can defeat this thing. From the bottom of my heart, thanks.

I had an extremely enlightening experience with Mohmood’s Distant Recovery. I muffled tuesday night to obtain the recovery, however might not relax. Ideas about an individual at work had actually been troubling me for a few days. Every time I considered him or saw him, I would certainly feel temper or other unfavorable emotions. So throughout the recovery, I asked to get rid of this interior festering feeling. A couple hours after the healing, I coughed/sneezed. At that split second, I really felt that my body just did away with some awful toxin. The following day, when I went back to work, I met that individual in the hallway. I was amazed that when I saw him I did not really feel anything. All those unfavorable emotions that were emerging in his visibility were gone. That is when I comprehended that the poisonous substance that left my body yesterday, was the temper that was in me. I really felt fantastic and grateful.Thank you Mohmood for that magnificent healing.

Hello there All,
I would love to share my experiences with distant recovery from Mohmood. Yet initial I would like to tell you that I have under study methods of healing and spiritual development for over two years. The first time I experienced distant healing I instantaneously felt the energy. It mosted likely to components of my body where I had problems as well as the power stayed at those areas throughout the entire session. I likewise experienced a floating sensation, like my spirit body appeared and was drifting above me. It was incredible! Each time I had an overall relaxing sensation and also after getting the recoveries from Mohmood I rested wonderfully. The outcomes didn’t quit there either. I really felt the results for days such as prickling, the pain in my joint and also neck left me which was troubling me for weeks, general contempt and very grounded. I was so pleased with my results that I asked Mohmood to do remote recovery on my grandma in Nova Scotia who remained in the hospital with kidney failure and mental deterioration. Within 3 to 4 days her frame of mind returned to what it was prior to she went into the healthcare facility as well as the doctors told us that her kidneys had enhanced. I have actually sent out various other good friends of mine to Mohmood and they are really pleased along with being really appreciative of the experiences as well as quality they have actually had with him. Mohmood, you bring clearness, stability and also fact to all that you do. You are a really gifted person as well as I am so happy that I have fulfilled you.

Who this course is for:

  • This program is great for beginners who want to learn about healing and meditation
  • It’s also a great program for those who have a background in healing models
  • This program can offer a new perspective to practicing healers, very simple and powerful techniques
  • Great program for Reiki practitioners
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