Data Science & Deep Learning for Business™ 20 Case Studies free download

Data Science & Deep Learning for Business™ 20 Case Studies . Solve common business problems in Marketing, Sales, Customer Clustering, Banking, Real Estate, Insurance, Travel and more! Use Python, Pandas, Matplotlib & Seaborn, SkLearn, Keras, Tensorflow, NLTK, Prophet, PySpark, MLLib and more . Use Google Colab’s tools to build a product Recommendation Tool using collaborative & item/content based . Summarize Reviews, Sentiment Analysis on Airline Tweets & Spam Detection . Use the tools to help users understand the value of data for business .

What you’ll find out in Data Scientific research & & Deep Understanding for Organization ™ 20 Study

  1. Recognize the worth of information for organization
  2. Resolve common business issues in Advertising, Sales, Customer Clustering, Banking, Property, Insurance, Travel and more!
  3. Python, Pandas, Matplotlib & & Seaborn, SkLearn, Keras, Tensorflow, NLTK, Prophet, PySpark, MLLib and also more!
  4. Artificial Intelligence from Linear Regressions (polynomial & & multivariate), K-NNs, Logistic Regressions, SVMs, Decision Trees & & Random Forests
  5. Unsupervised Artificial Intelligence with K-Means, Mean-Shift, DBSCAN, EM with GMMs, PCA and also t-SNE
  6. Build a Product Suggestion Device making use of joint & & item/content based
  7. Theory Checking and also A/B Checking – Understand t-tests and p values
  8. Natural Langauge Processing – Summarize Reviews, View Analysis on Airline Company Tweets & & Spam Discovery
  9. To use Google Colab’s iPython note pads for quickly, relaible cloud based information scientific research job
  10. Release your Artificial Intelligence Versions on the cloud utilizing AWS
  11. Advanced Pandas strategies from Vectorizing to Parallel Processsng
  12. Statistical Concept, Chance Theory, Circulations, Exploratory Data Evaluation
  13. Anticipating Employee Churn, Insurance Policy Premiums, Airbnb costs, credit card fraudulence and that to target for contributions
  14. Big Information abilities making use of PySpark for Information Manipulation and also Machine Learning
  15. Collection clients based on Exploratory Data Evaluation, then using K-Means to identify customer segments
  16. Build a Supply Trading Robot making use of re-inforement learning
  17. Apply Information Science & & Analytics to Retail, performing segementation, examining trends, figuring out beneficial consumers and even more!
  18. Just how to apply Information Science in Marketing to boost Conversion Rates, Predict Interaction and Client Life Time Worth


Welcome to the program on Information Science & & Deep Learning for Company ™ 20 Case Studies!

This course teaches you exactly how Information Science & & Deep Knowing can be utilized to solve real-world business troubles and exactly how you can use these methods to 20 real-world case studies.

Typical Companies are employing Information Scientists in droves, as well as understanding of how to apply these methods in solving their problems will prove to be one of one of the most beneficial skills in the next years!

What pupil reviews of this training course are claiming,

“I’m only half means through this course, however i have to claim WOW. It’s thus far, a great deal far better than my Service Analytics MSc I took at UCL. The content is explained better, it’s damaged down so merely. A few of the Analytical Concept and ML theory lessons are maybe the most effective on the net! 6 celebrities out of 5!”

Who this course is for:

  • Begineers to Data Science
  • Business Analysts who wish to do more with their data
  • College graduates who lack real world experience
  • Business oriented persons (Management or MBAs) who’d like to use data to enhance their business
  • Software Developers or Engineers who’d like to start learning Data Science
  • Anyone looking to become more employable as a Data Scientist
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