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Confessions of an ex procrastinator is available on Udemy’s N°1 Course on Procrastination . 20% of the population admits to be a chronical procrastinators . This course is based on the latest scientific findings in habits, self-control, willpower and temptation . The insights are surprising and counter-intuitive, based on break-through research from the past few years . A keen interest in human behavior is the only real prerequisite for this course . No previous knowledge required – I will take you step by step through the different concepts and models presented in the course . I’ll share everything with you: my journey, my research, my findings: Everything, from surprising insights to over a dozen highly effective strategies to tackle procrastination.

What you’ll discover in Confessions of an ex dawdler

  1. Beat procrastination by using an entire set of techniques
  2. Comprehend the subconscious motorists behind laziness by exploring a groundbreaking emotional version
  3. Check out the different sorts of laziness and also identify your very own kind
  4. Create the best problems, both inside and on the surface, to have your mind operate in ideal conditions as well as prevent the laziness pitfall.

  • A keen rate of interest in human habits is the only real requirement for this course
  • No previous expertise needed – I will take you step by step through the different ideas and also versions provided in the course
  • No details products are required for this program. Bearing in mind is suggested


Congratulations, you found the N ° 1 Course on Procrastination on Udemy!
When a slow starter hesitates, she or he does not sit down and also starts a rational reasoning procedure regarding just how to lose time. Obviously not.
However neither does it just kinda occur. That might be what it feels like, however below that sensation, there’s an unconscious decision-making procedure taking place which drives us to act a particular method specific circumstances.

Around 20% of the populace admits to be a chronical procrastinator. 20%. That’s one out of every five individuals. And also if you’re reading this, opportunities are you are among them.And me, I was one as well. I understand every little thing about the regret and the embarassment, the hours ticking away doing something completely various than what I was meant to do … up until a couple of years earlier, I was actually sabotaging myself. I was despising myself for it, however it seemed more powerful than myself.

I’ll share whatever with you: my trip, my research, my findings: Whatever, from shocking insights to over a loads extremely efficient methods to tackle procrastination. We’ll even cover the advantage of laziness. oh yes, there is one. I’ll show you exactly how you can even make use of procrastination to your advantage.

Do not be fooled by the light tone in this fun and also interesting program. It is based upon the most recent scientific findings in routines, self-discipline, determination as well as lure.
To comprehend laziness, we need to understand where it originates from, recognize our behavior. Why we do the important things we do the way we do them.The psychological design made use of to study our subconscious chauffeurs is the result of a cross-disciplinary synthesis varying from neuroscience over cognitive psychology to behaviorism.

My individual experience
Now what I would love to share with you, is this training course regarding procrastination. As for I bear in mind, and even prior to that, I’ve been procrastinating. So you can claim I’m a subject-matter-expert. Nonetheless, today, I have actually managed to overcome that unpleasant practice, and I wished to share my experience and also trip with you. This course has been specially made to attract procrastinators, as it is light and also fun. The understandings are shocking and also counter-intuitive, based upon break-through research study from these past couple of years. And most importantly, the methods to beat laziness do work, as I have thoroughly utilized them myself.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone struggling with procrastination and keen to get rid of it
  • Anyone with an interest in human behavior
  • Individuals looking for personal development
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