Complete Guide to Velo by Wix: Go From Zero to Hero! Free Download

This Complete Guide of Velo by Wix: Go From Zero to Hero! Free Download can help you build a website without coding skills. It is the best digital marketing product of 2021 and offers you a free trial of more than 12,000 digital products of more than 100 of the world’s most popular brands. Get started today!

What you’ll learn in Complete Guide to Velo by Wix: Go From Zero to Hero!

  1. Build a fully functional ‘jobs listing’ website while learning Velo Code for Wix!
  2. Allow job seekers to use conditional filters and keyword searches to search for positions.
  3. Allow job applicants to apply for jobs by submitting their CV and cover letter.
  4. Recruiters can create, update, and manage their profiles by signing up, logging in, and logging out.
  5. Allow recruiters to post job openings on the job board and edit them later if necessary.
  6. Allow recruiters to see the applications from job seekers for each of their open positions.
  7. Allow recruiters to pay for their job postings before they go live on the website.
  8. Recruiters can see how many people have looked at each of their job postings.
  9. This course has over 30 minutes of free content that you can try out before enrolling!
  10. And there’s a lot more!


  • There are no Requirements for participation.


***Please keep in mind that the Wix editor has changed since this course was developed. The majority of the code will still work as taught in this course, but the buttons and layout of

Since Wix released Velo, you can do just about anything with code and data on the Wix platform – while still having the traditional Wix ‘drag and drop’ functionality to make it all look great. Velo is the name of the new programming language for the Wix platform; some people refer to it as Wix Code. It is essentially a variant of Javascript, and the best part is that it is relatively easy to learn.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Wix website developers with little prior coding experience through to intermediate Wix coders with some experience.
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