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API in C#: The Best Practices of Design and Implementation: Design and implement a type or an API taking care of it’s users . Encapsulate types so the other programmers would not hate you. Code in a good style making the code clearer in its intent . Refactor the code making it much better to read and understand. Decide whether to comment a particular part of the code is a good idea or not. Refactor and handle exceptions properly . Dealing with Null values: How to build a consistent and reliable type. How to fight with null values. Deciding if comments are helpful and which are not? How to use a null value?

What you’ll find out in API in C#: The Very Best Practices of Style and Application

  1. Style and implement a kind or an API taking care of it’s individuals.
  2. Encapsulate kinds so the other developers would not dislike you.
  3. Code in a great design making the code clearer in its intent.
  4. Refactor the code making it far better to read and also recognize.
  5. Toss as well as manage exemptions correctly.
  6. Choose whether to comment a certain part of the code is a good concept or not. Incidentally, which comments are helpful as well as which are not?
  7. Managing Void values

  • You ought to currently be familiar with the essentials of C#.
  • You must already have some practice collaborating with Visual Studio.


Learn exactly how to design and implement key ins C# so that the various other designers will not despise you when making use of among the types developed by you. It means you are mosting likely to find out exactly how to compose code of the premium quality: readable, understandable and trusted.

Structures of structure object-oriented frameworks
Although that C# is a really rich on features language, it’s very common to see improperly designed as well as carried out types in a real world. Actually, C# is one of the richest on features language amongst object-oriented languages on the planet nowadays. Yet with world power comes terrific duty. It’s testing to make use of all those functions in an appropriate means.

Owning skills of producing a well-designed and well-implemented types is the prerequisite for the other developers to treat you as a genuine specialist.
Web content and also Overview
This course is targeted at all the C# developers, from beginners to seniors. Topics which are covered in the training course are relevant for all type of C# designers since all programmers layout as well as execute APIs. The subjects complexity is very various. There are lots of really straightforward topics, and also at the very same time, there are topics which need from you a solid C# history. There are lots of code examples throughout this training course, so you will discover both theoretical as well as sensible product.

Then you will certainly discover what encapsulation really means. How to envelop a type? There are some compromises we will certainly handle enveloping our kinds. There are numerous knowledgeable programmers who don’t understand what encapsulation is in essence. Exploring this subject with each other we will see just how to build a regular and reliable type.

Ultimately, we will check out how to eliminate with void values. As you may recognize, Tony Hoar stated that the invention of a null worth was his billion-dollar blunder.
To sum up, the training course covers the adhering to subjects:
Teaching Approach
No fluff, no ranting, no beating the air. I esteem your time. The course material is concise, yet extensive. Very important ideas are covered. Especially essential subjects are covered in-depth. For outright beginners I use my help on Skype definitely cost-free, if requested. Do not forget that this course has English captions, so if you do not understand my accent, feel free to turn them on.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is primarily oriented on programmers who have at least basic knowledge of C# and looking for practical guidelines concentrated on the improving of code qualities.
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