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This course will walk you through Angular 5 and by the end, you will have learned how to create, build, and deploy an Angular application. You will learn by doing with small bite-sized pieces that you can quickly chew on. As an added bonus, this is not just another “me too” intro course.
I will take you through my tried and tested frameworks for building robust high quality Angular apps. And don’t worry if you are not familiar with what Angular does or how it works or how it compares to React or Vue JS. I will take you step by step from the ground up so even a total beginner can understand what is going on.

What you’ll learn in Angular – The Complete Guide (2021 Edition)

Angular 12 lets you build contemporary, sophisticated, responsive, and scalable online apps.
Understand the Angular application architecture and how to use it.
As a frontend developer, take use of your strong grasp of Angular.
Using one of the most current JavaScript frameworks, you may create single-page apps.


  • It is NOT necessary to be familiar with Angular 1 or Angular 2.
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful, but not essential.
  • For this training, TypeScript expertise is also helpful but is not required.
  • JavaScript is needed.


If you’ve never used Angular 1 or Angular 2, this course is for you.
You will study Angular 12 from the ground up in this course! It is the newest version of Angular 2! You’ll learn Angular in the most comprehensive, popular, and best-selling Angular course on Udemy.

What’s covered in this course? Everything! As a result, you’ll have a thorough understanding of Angular Components and Directives; Services; Forms; Http Access; Authentication; Modules; and Offline Compilation; as well as how to build an application.

That’s not all, though. Course includes demonstration of Angular CLI, as well as a complete project to practice what you’ve learnt!
A pleasant and quick support team is available via direct message or conversation if you get stuck. 😉

Angular is one of the most contemporary, performance-efficient, and powerful front-end frameworks you can learn today, according to the Angular website. Using it, you can create amazing online applications that provide an amazing user experience! Start building Angular applications straight away by learning all the essentials.

My pupils have something to say on the subject.
The tutorial series has been really excellent. It is impossible for me to express my gratitude to you sufficiently. Your presenting abilities are second to none, and the quality of your work is excellent. You’re doing a great job, keep it up! You’re a rock star! In the words of Paul Whitehouse

This course’s instructor, Max, has a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. I like that he takes the time to explain his actions and the reasoning behind them, rather than asking his pupils to copy his code verbatim. In addition, Max was quite receptive to inquiries. This course, as well as any others he provides, is highly recommended. You’re welcome, Max!

Max does a wonderful job of describing all the key principles behind the code in this course. A superb teacher, Max focuses on what his audience must grasp.
This course makes extensive use of the TypeScript scripting language.

As the official Angular team’s primary language, TypeScript is what you’ll encounter most often in Angular lessons. In essence, it’s a superset of JavaScript, making the creation of Angular applications a breeze. As a result of using it, you will be in the greatest possible position to create Angular applications. For additional information, watch the free videos on this page.

Why is Angular used in web development?

There’s no doubt about it: Angular is the next big thing. In a similar way as Angular.js, React is destined to define the future of frontend development. A number of Angular’s strong features allow you to develop contemporary, responsive, and user-friendly online apps that are flexible and sophisticated.

An upgrade to Angular 2, Angular 12 is just the newest version of the technology.
Angular 2 is quicker than Angular 1 and offers a more flexible and modular development approach than Angular 1 did. These capabilities are available to you after completing this course, so you can begin building apps right now.

No prior knowledge of Angular is required, due to the vast changes between version 1 of Angular and version ten of Angular.
Angular requires knowledge of js in order to profit from this training.

Learn how to develop Angular applications in depth.

All the foundations of Modules, Directives, and Components will be covered in this class. All of our sections will be backed up by a genuine project. In all instances, Angular’s functionalities are demonstrated as well as how they should be applied.

  • You will learn the following:
  • Angular’s architecture
  • How to develop Angular apps using TypeScript
  • About directives and components, including how to create custom directives and components.
  • An explanation of how databinding works
  • Everything you need to know about navigation and routing

What are pipes, and how can I utilize them effectively?
The Web: How to Get There (e.g. RESTful servers)
Definition and application of dependency injection
In Angular, what are modules?
Optimizing your (larger) Angular application
NgRx and complicated state management are discussed.
To allow you to put all of the principles into practice, we will create a big project in this course.

Pay once, reap the rewards for a lifetime!
Be proactive, acquire an advantage and begin developing immediately!
This course is intended for the following individuals:
JavaScript framework for newcomers and seasoned frontend developers alike
Those interested in learning about a state-of-the-art frontend JavaScript framework should take this course.
You will be among the first to get a strong grasp of AngularJS by taking this course!

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