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What you’ll learn in After effects rigging characters kickstart 2020

  • Character rigging in After Effects – the fundamentals
  • What is IK / FK, when should I use it, and which one should I use?
  • To rig characters using Limber, follow these steps.
  • Rigging Customization
  • Rigging and animating quicker even with sluggish computer performance


Adobe After Effects in any version. Try out the software for free, or bring your own copy with you.
Character rigging experience is not required. This is a beginner’s course, and it is assumed that you have no prior expertise with rigging.


Rigging The difficulty of rigging a character can range from extremely basic to highly complex. You’ll discover a lot of secrets and methods that we’ve honed over the course of rigging thousands of characters for dozens of different games. Whatever project needs You are working on, You will be able to rig quickly and efficiently.

This is a script that allows you to set up the rigging of a character. The best way to modify the style of a document. A templete’s arm can be used in the creation of your future characters.
Even if your machine is sluggish, you can learn how to rig animation quicker.

This course is for :

Learn how to rig objects in After Effects.
Limber may be learned by anyone.
Character animators that desire to further their careers.

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