Advanced Metaphysical and Ultra-Height Hypnosis Free Download

You will learn how to do the following the Metaphysical Hypnosis training :

Assist metaphysical customers in achieving their distinct, individual objectives.
Using hypnosis, teach individuals how to access regions of their higher selves.
Teach clients how to journey outside of their bodies. Make contact with your spirit guidance.
While the client is hypnotized, teach them how to channel.

Assist clients in harnessing their metaphysical healing abilities.
Assist customers in developing clairvoyant skills naturally. Abreactions must be kept under control.

Protect yourself and your clients with self-defense methods. The purpose of this course is to provide specialist training to hypnotists for dealing with metaphysical clients who have specific goals that are unique to that client’s belief system. It is not required to share the client’s beliefs in order to help him or her achieve their objectives.

This is a more sophisticated and up-to-date version of the original training from 1993. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting new opportunity for you and your clients!

The benefits of Ultra-Height® Hypnosis training

as well as current advancements of this extraordinary transformative method, are as follows:
Learn how to assist clients in recognizing their own self-healing powers.
Assist clients with sub-conscious and super-conscious mind communication.
Learn how to resolve disputes by having the two minds reason with one another.
Learn how to get the two minds to analyze each other’s ideas.
Learn how to communicate with outside created thoughts.
Enhance the client’s inherent ability to heal.
Learn how to achieve Ultra-Height® Hypnosis in a step-by-step process.
Learn how to attain Ultra-Height® with self-hypnosis techniques.
With several demonstrations, see how it all comes together.

Jerry demonstrates his own unique ways for creating contact between the sub-conscious and super-conscious brains in this part. You’ll learn how to physically cause somnambulism or coma in clients while also bringing their minds to an Ultra-Height® of awareness.

In this condition, the client is able to figure out not only what created his problem, but also what the hypnotist needs to do to totally eradicate it. This might become one of the most powerful quick transformative therapies accessible to hypnotists. It follows a clinical step-by-step format, complete with demonstrations and prescriptions.

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