A Course in Innovations of Digital Banking – a global view. free download

A Course in Innovations of Digital Banking – a global view . 30 different case studies presented over multiple banking functions . Latest new videos updated on the subject of Global Open Banking with 9 different small videos on this topic . Part I covers the defintion of the Digital Banking Transfomation with a view to moving towards digital era in the Internet and Mobile space . Part II gives very sharp global case studies in various innovation areas such as: – Artificial Intellegence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), Chatbots, Big-data Analytics, IOT, AR-VR, Open Banking, Fintechs etc.

What you’ll discover in A Course in Innovations of Digital Financial – a global view.

  1. Standard awareness level program.
  2. Global Digital Financial developments, with most current case studies of 2019, 2020 as well as 2021.
  3. Standing for case studies from 15 different countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, China, Singapore, India, Mexico, Spain, Poland and much more
  4. 30 various study presented over numerous financial features. Open up Banking revolution presented with 8 various latest videos.

  • There is no certain banking expertise needed to attend this training course.


(This is a fundamental recognition degree program. Most recent new videos updated on the subject of Worldwide Open Banking with 9 different little video clips on this subject.)
What exactly is this “A Course in Innovations of Digital Banking – a worldwide sight”
Answer is simple: – This program is a standard awareness level “street-smart fast sight” of the latest happenings in new-generation world of banking from example of 15 different countries at a base-camp level. This training course includes case studies concerning recurring technologies in technology areas such as Artificial Intellegence, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Bigdata Analytics, IOT, AR-VR, Open up banking, Fintechs etc.

We created this course in 2018, where our focus was to just highlight peek of happenings in the digital financial globe. Nevertheless message preliminary success of this training course, given that 2019, we have actually been adding various brand-new development motifs; as if this program is a real electronic facility of development for the client. Considering that year in 2019 we have added lots of videos each year. For that reason after very first 5 video talks (which appears like previous generation video clips currently, as they are too fundamental coverage), we have reorganized the whole motif making it a lot more modern with a number of instances.

Component I of the Program (5 section entailing Base story production): –
Part I covers the defintion of the Digital Financial Transfomation with a view to relocating in the direction of electronic era in the Net as well as Mobile room. This likewise covers extensive back-end automation needed for any kind of brand-new degree of technologies.

Component II provides very sharp worldwide case studies in different development areas such as: – Artificial Intellegence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Knowing (DL), Chatbots, Blockchain, Big-data Analytics, Net of Points (IOT), Open Up Financial, Fintechs, AR (Augumented Truth)/ Virtual Truth (VIRTUAL REALITY), Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, social media Financial, Mobile atm machine, breakthrough Settlement systems, future Banking Image, Onboarding experience Illustration etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Any employee of a bank, any employee of IT company working BFS sector, anyone working on banking transaction for his organization, any Digital innovation learner, any aspiring interview candidate who is looking for a new job in banking sector, Any undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate student, or simply people who are interested to learn digital banking or digital tchnology innovations, any school students or college students who would like to undertake projects or have interest in studying new-generation Banking innovations can also take this course too.
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